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Hello! My name is Mahoshun Kashung and I come from a small village in the North-Eastern State of Manipur, India called Chadong. I was recently awarded a place and a (partial) scholarship to study the Masters of Theology in-depth (Old Testament) program at Protestant Theological University (PThU) in Groningen, Netherlands, and I will need your prayer and support to attend.

Fees and Living Expenses
The Total Sum of the tuition fee comes to 3,996 Euros, equivalent to 3,54,245.4 INR. (1 Euro = 88.65 INR at the time of creating this campaign). Out of which I got a 35% scholarship which comes to 1,398.6 EUR, equivalent to 1,23,985.89 INR. (3,996-1398.6= 2,597.4 EUR). So I need to raise 2,597.4 EUR which is 2,30,259.51 INR.

The total sum of the living expenses required by the University or the Dutch Government is 950 EUR a month or 11,400 EUR a year, which is 10,10,610 INR. Out of which the university awarded me 925 EUR for 10 months (1 Sept 2021 to 30 June 2022) which comes to 9,250 EUR, equivalent to 8,20,012.5 INR. Now I need to raise 2,150 EUR which is equivalent to 1,90,597.5 INR.

There are other fees and expenses that I need to raise too, so this is what is reflected in the goal amount:

MVV/Residence Permit cost: €192
Living Expenses (After Scholarship): €2,150
Tuition Fee (After Scholarship): €2,597.4
Basic Health and Liability Insurance (1 year): €500
Thesis Correction (on average): €500
Airfare (Round Trip): €750
Total: €6698.4, or 5,93,813.16 INR

I have to transfer the MVV cost, the living expenses, and the tuition fee by July 1, 2021.

I thank God that I have been awarded a place and a scholarship to study His word in the Netherlands. It is all through God’s blessings that I could get these. After I graduated from SAIACS in April 2018, I went back to my small, struggling village called Chadong New Site to serve there as a youth coordinator, the only Sunday School Teacher, and also the choir director in the church. Many of my friends and family asked me then as to why I didn’t go to a city and teach in a Bible school and earn experience and earn more money. But in my mind, I was determined that I wanted to serve in my village because there was no one to look after a newly shifted village (our old village was submerged in the water by the construction of Mapithel Dam). I wanted to serve when I have the strength and when the spirits, hearts, and minds of the villagers are new and open to a new life. I was appointed as a paid staff for 1 year (6000 Rupees a month) (Jan 2019 to Jan 2020) but from Feb. 2020 to Feb. 2021 I was working voluntarily without any pay. But I thank God that I could serve them well.

Today I am finally in a place to get back to my studies and research. However, due to some unfortunate reasons that happened, I could not come up with the funding by myself. I have my parents back home in the village but they are not in a position to provide for me either, nor do I have any support from any organization and my small church. But now I am in an extraordinary position with the blessings of God to be able to go to PThU in the Netherlands.

Therefore, I request you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to help me financially and also pray to God that I will be able to come up with the remaining fund so that I can finish my studies and serve His kingdom well and for His glory alone.

The reason I chose to study at Protestant Theological University in the Netherlands is because of three reasons: 
1. God's undeniable calling for me to study His word;  
2. The scholarship; 
3. The program will help me develop skills to build a strong faith-based community back home. This program will let me perceive great things not only through class materials but also empirically how the congregations behave, what they need, and how they express themselves in today’s ever-changing world. Furthermore, this program will help me nurture my Christian faith through professors and friends from all over the world and help me get closer in my relationship with God. But most importantly, I will be able to understand what God’s mission is for me, for the world, and for India, especially rural-tribal communities.

My Vision is to protect and help preserve the rich Naga culture and train others (esp. the youth) to communicate Christian Theology through preaching, teaching, and music.
My ultimate goal as a Christian and also as a student of His word is to challenge the so-called “sleeping Christians” or “Lukewarm Christians” to wake up and become beacons of light to everyone, starting from his neighbor to the ends of the world.

Hopefully, through your help and your prayer support, I will be able to finish my Biblical studies in the Netherlands. After my studies, I will go back to North-East India and work with the youth to equip them, to help them to love His Word (the Bible), and serve the communities through music.

So today, I am reaching out to you because I have run out of other options to pay for this God-given opportunity. Your sincere and generous contributions will help me fulfill this. I sincerely thank you with all of my heart for your contributions, your prayers, and your support. Please help me share my story through your networks, your friends, and your church. May God bless you and make His face shine upon you today and forevermore. I don't want to take your precious time off by writing too much, however, IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES OR WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME AND MY STORY, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME, AS I WANT TO BE TRANSPARENT WITH THIS CAMPAIGN AND FUNDRAISING.

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