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Journey of the first Chennai resident to step foot on top of World
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My story

When the mountains called for me, I wondered why me. Why the call, why the climb, why mountains. Before I could answer all these questions, I simply started to climb. Nevertheless, the questions don’t leave you. I am asked these questions over and over again but I never really have the answers for it. I often give answers that would be quite satiating with reasons clichéd and also the truth, BUT I never really felt like those were the real answers for myself. It is like a mild tune that I am unable to translate into words and make sense to the world. Sometimes I doubt if I am the one who even understand its language but I treat myself as just a sailor steering my soul to the command of the master which is so loud and clear that I cannot not listen to its voice, surrender and just follow.

I heard the call from the mighty Everest and I just have to climb it up and yes, down. I don’t know how much this is all being understood or misunderstood but I am going to do all that it takes to do it, anyway. I don’t know if I will find the answers for myself in the climb and I do not hold that as a purpose either for just when I am writing this, it says in me the answers are already there. I hear it, I listen to it but I do not understand it. May be my ignorance needs a sharpening that only the edges of the mountain can do, may be my cowardice needs the push from the peak of the mountains, may be the deep buried cries within me wants to roar and dissolve into the thin air, may be the “ I don't know who am I” needs to be “ someone”, may be the voice that says “I cannot do it” just wants to “do it”.

Is it all worth it ?

Yes, its worth my life, my career , pain of my loved ones and  Rs 45,00,000 (fourty five lakhs) Indian rupees to make the climb. I am in shock to know that the voice can throw such expensive affairs on me and this is not a joke. So I reach out to a heart that has already followed its command without questioning it and did it despite being mocked at and laughed at. That heart is yours. The heart that appreciates and loves, the heart that is grateful and is willing to share, the heart that has no limits or boundaries and what else can a refuge like me willingly chasing myself out of my mind of following pre-programmed conditioned mundane work do but find you for some warmth and some funds to make this possible. I was little ashamed initially of this idea to reach out to people I love for money but I think this is just how I see money and no wonder I never had them. I rewired my idea about money from being a transaction to a way of sharing , an energy that the whole mankind believes in and that flows through with love. It is something that all of us can share and if I receive this currency of energy (money) more than I need for this climb, I decided to share this to help rescue and protect animals. In this climb I want to raise towards how climate change affects animals. I wonder sometimes how painful can it be for them to bear  humans. I decide to channelize funds for the cause to rescue and protect animals. More than calling myself an outside person, an adventurer , the truth is I am more home bound and love to be home with love and build a happy beautiful home, within and without. If all this stupidity makes any sense for you and if this risk feels worth it (definitely more than all the money this world can hold), please may I request you to help me in  any way possible in making this climb happen.
Thank You !
A little heart whose voice is heard...

My future projects
1) Climbing the North face of the Eiger. Its called the “Wall of Death” earning the German nickname Mordwand, literally “murderous”

2) Swim with the astonishing whales of the world especially fascinating blue whale, the music maker humpback whales, sharks, friendly giant whale sharks, magical rays and my all time favorite gigantic anaconda.

3) I have dream of flying like a bird in the sky which in turn made me to think of a sport which is more extreme and adrenaline pumping, that is to become a base jumper and evolve myself to become a wing suit proximity flyer which enables me to pierce through the sky.

Climbing history

• Completed Basic Mountaineering Course from HMI with Grade A (Alfa)
•   Stok Kangri (6153 meters)
• Mount Sangri (5,181 meters)
• Mount Everest Base camp , Nepal (5,364 meters)
• Mt.Kala Patthar (5,643 meters).
• Climbed Mount SangRi (5,181 meters)
• Chaurikhang Advance Base camp / Rathong glacier (5,180 meters)
• Mullaiyangiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, India (1,930 meters)
• Summited Meesapulimala (2,640 meters)
• Summited Kudremukh (1,894 meters)
• Kumara Parvatha (1,712 meters)
• Kodachadri (1,343 meters)
• Kunti Betta (890 meters)
• Nishani Motte
• Gokarna (trekking)
• Nagalapuram (trekking)
• From  July  of 2019 I am going to trek and climb few 7000 & 6000 meters in the Indian Himalayas. I will be relocating to Himalayas in order to get trained for my Everest expedition. I will keep the company posted about my progress on a regular basis.


#climbforanimals - Make people aware on how climate change affects animals also to raise awareness towards rescue and protecting  of animals be it wild or pet. As we exist in the planet animals deserves to live as well. They play a very important role in our ecosystem in keeping it balanced. Whatever funds I collect more than my required funds I will be giving it to organization which work towards it. In this process we can also adopt animals which needs attention and bring a change for the creatures which cant speak.

You can contribute by
1) Contribute personally
2) Sharing this in social media and chat groups
3) Connect me to potential sponsors
4) Call me for a talk at your organization

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