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Help For Medical Treatment and Survival of Family
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 If there is no help, it feels like there is no hope. Let's give this one help.

We’re reaching out to our supporters today because we need your help. My mother immigrated here with no education. From the early days of their marriage up, my father would threaten to take away her children responsibility and kick her out onto the street with nothing if she reported the harassment he committed against her. She was scared and didn't have someone like me to advocate for her then. Its 18 years too late, but I am now old enough to understand there are resources for people like us. After they are separated and my mom being a single mother with two children; one boy and one girl, she has been rebuilding her life from domestic violence, trauma, etc. which has created health issues. She used to work as maid & manage all the bills, home expenses, including for me and my brother studies. We were settled and happy. December 2007, my brother whose age was 15 started having severe headaches, loss of balance, trouble writing and vision issues, as well as being exhausted all day and not able to get out of bed. We moved from place to place in search of better doctors and support from family. Finally our general physician suggested a neurologist. Later few MRI & CT scans were done and we came to know that he got some dorsal spine issues that made him difficult to walk & run fast which he could do earlier. Somehow things were coming to normal until he got affected with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in 2013. Dosages of TB was too high which headed him to continuous epilepsy (A brain condition which causes a person to suddenly lose consciousness and some time to have fits). We hospitalized him that was still strenuous for us to deal with. We all just want this to be over with, so the healing process can finally begin!

           Meanwhile I was preparing for Medical entrance exam N.E.E.T - 2016. My Mom goal was her daughter to be a Doctor. And I was very much passionate on my career and I tried to give great efforts to achieve my desire goal. A week before my exam, I got severe with chest pain, loss of weight, high fever and coughing. She was doubtful that I would also came in contact with TB. After blood test reports & x-ray came, doctor confirmed that I have M.D.R TB. I was shaken that all my efforts, career, & dream went in vain. In this circumstances, I had to leave my studies. As it was affordable for us to continue with the studies and treatment. A plenty of amount was required for my medicines, daily injections and routine checkup & tests. For my mom the only way left to save my life was to borrow money from the local lenders with high interest per month. She mortgage her own house for the sake of her children. Apparently my body could not resist the medicines and I got side effect like Gastritis, Dizziness, vomiting, Peripheral Nephropathy, Loss of Appetite and pain at site of injection. Due to all this side effect, duration of my course was elongated on the other hand sometime due to lack of money the treatment need to be stop. It was all my mother’s courage & hard work that kept me alive. Still I could not get over of this. Even today I suffer some of side effect like Peripheral Nephropathy.

My mom is also not able to work due to her health issue & her old age. My Brother and I help in any way we can; and as I said my brother is unwell with a chronic condition and not able to work. Now as I have recovered from the diseases I tried to take home responsibilities so that I can help mother overcome debt. I still find it difficult a lot as my monthly income is of 18,000 where I used to take care of my mother & brother’s medicines, Utilities, Ration, and debt. Today I have reached a place where I feel like giving up from the very high levels of stress and lack of support. It is very hard to dig yourself out of rubble alone. I have always tried to help those suffering but to ask for help with my own suffering is not something I have done. 

The donation you contribute will greatly help us to be debt free. We will try to secure our livelihood. Please know that we are beyond profoundly grateful for each person who is offering love and help to us. Your donations in our darkness sheds light that “we are never alone” and gives us great hope in a time where I saw no hope. Blessings to each of you.  Our hearts thank your hearts. We request all of you to generously contribute. Each rupee counts, your small help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading through what I and my family have been through.

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