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Learning Through Making In Rural Communities of Rajasthan
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Story of a Learner 
Shravan on his sustainable windmill project for clean energy

110 km from the city of Jaipur, lies Kuchaman, a small town in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan. Although the literacy rate here is 76% higher than the state average, aspiring young people travel to bigger cities for better opportunities and exposure. Shravan, a 17-year-old curious learner, is one of the many who migrated to Jaipur searching for a better life and a platform to prepare for his civil services. Nothing is impossible in his mind. He has the enthusiasm to learn and the curiosity to tinker. In short, he is a maker. When Sharavan started to live with his extended family in the Phagi Tehsil, Jaipur district, he had just one goal, to save enough money and prepare for his upcoming exams. But his interests in the community and technology made him come to the maker space and naturally be a part of it. Shravan noticed the acute shortage of clean energy and realized the need for a sustainable intervention. The maker in him sprung to start a project. He started with a Biogas plant, used the local materials around the community, and worked on a small prototype of this biogas. He did extensive research on the internet to understand the working nature of his experiment. His mentors from the maker space encouraged and guided him to possibilities and outcomes. With this as his first experiment, Sharavan started experimenting with robotics and windmills as prototypes. His interests in sustainable technologies and empathy for the community fostered the projects. 
Building entrepreneurial mindsetBuilding Entrepreneurial Mindset with the Community
Shravan is now working closely with on-ground professionals, solving electrical and IT-related problems within the community. He gained a lot from a nurturing learning environment that believes in the culture of making through experimentation and failure. This is just Shravan, one of our many learners, one of our many stories, but there’s an innate curiosity in each of us to explore, and the sad part is that we lose this as we grow up. In fact, creativity is as important as literacy, children in fact are born creative and have an extraordinary capacity for innovation as they have no fear of making mistakes. In our makerspace, we believe in active learning processes where "making" is the new norm. Our learners are treated as co-creators and explorers of newer ways of thinking and being.

Intergenerational learning
  1. To bring a democratic, self-designed learning environment to the rural population of Rajasthan.
  2. To introduce the idea of learning through making and breaking free from passive learning systems.
  3. To create and build an inclusive community that works together as problem solvers and innovators.
  4. To foster radical thoughts and bring communities together for self-sufficiency. 
  5. To educate local communities on sustainable and responsible ways of living through mentorships, expert-guided workshops, self-directed projects, and field learnings.
  6. The makerspace becomes a focal point of new innovations from native intelligence where learners become active creators of their own life.
  7. Creation of new livelihood opportunities leading to financial independence with an entrepreneurial mindsetProblem solving and self-sufficiency
Impact of change   
Community and their idea.

The makerspace is located in the Phagi Tehsil of Jaipur district in Rajasthan. With a total population of 3,65,356 (2011 census), Phagi tehsil has a total of 168 villages and settlement clusters. Our immediate impact region is on the seven nearby villages namely, Jabad, Raithal, Heerapura, Gohandi,Chak Gulabpura, Bairwon Ki Dhani and Renwal.

The total population of these villages is 11949 with a literacy rate of 69.7%. Out of this total literacy rate, 32.62% is the school-going population. However, still, ⅓ of the population is unemployed and illiterate at the tehsil level.
Our goal is to foster radical thoughts and bring communities together for self-sufficiency. With the education of newer skills, we hope to create new livelihood opportunities leading to financial independence with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Fostering rational thinking and technological innovations

Impact on the change
Shravan is just the beginning, one of our many learners, one of our many stories, but there’s an innate curiosity in each of us to explore. Phagi Tehsil has 682 school-going children under the age of 18 as per government records spread over the neighboring 7 villages.
We are intentionally creating a space to make mistakes, embrace failures, and continuously learn.  A space to learn skills like 3D printing, electronics, woodworking, programming, metal working, computer-aided design, etc. through various learning processes like design thinking, inquiry-based approach, research, and rapid prototyping. A space that welcomes intergenerational learners from the rural communities of Rajasthan.
Learning for a change

Who is this fundraiser for ?
The fund being raised is to support Makerspace which facilitates local educational projects from the community of Phagi Tehsil. The fundraiser will support the culture of learning through making.

The need for funds is immediate as its an ongoing, operational educational space for the rural community. The funds will be used for:
1. Setting up the makerspace.
2. Recurring operational costs for the current financial year.
3. To cover the cost of the project which the learners undertake in a self-designed learning environment.  
4. To organize study trips, educational workshops, and other resources that facilitate a learning environment. 

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