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Hilmi Needs Funds To Travel To Egypt For His Robotics Internship
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    Hilmi Kabir

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Hi, I am Hilmi, a final year Mechanical Engineering student studying under Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal, India. I am selected for an internship program in the discipline of Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering in Egypt back in February of this year.

But due to the lockdown, my family source of income has been affected immensely, which is hindering my travel to Egypt. Previously, I was to join my office in Egypt from 1st of August, 2021. But for the same reason of lacking funds as well as the newly imposed 2nd wave of lockdown, again, that had even halted the administrative operations from their Kolkata office, my departure could not take place this month. My dates are extended, however, for which a new VISA letter has been issued.

My mother happens to be the only working person in my family who is the sole backbone of the family, and who has raised me and my brother through all odds and difficulties. But despite all her best means of trying, the financial constraints of my family failed has failed her from covering my travel to Damietta, Egypt.

My internship offer through AIESEC, working across 128 countries over the span of last 64-years (one can find their details in a simple Google Search), in Qism Damietta covers my hosting and accommodation in Damietta, Egypt, along with some other basic allowances during my stay. But however, I have to take care of the travel expenses (air-ticket and VISA, etc) with the miscellaneous expenses of staying for seven weeks in Egypt, which is not their liability. Thus, for that, I am raising the required amount of funds I need.

As a student of Mechanical Engineering, I have always been fascinated by machines and their mechanisms, work principles, and so on, with having a keener interest in the discipline of Robotics and Automation Engineering (again an inter-disciplinary branch of Mechanical Engineering itself). This opportunity will help me gain a lot of exposure and the training will be helpful for my future career.

Robotics is a fascinating field of study where engineering meets art and beauty. It is where a Mechanical Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, an Electronics Engineer and a Computer Science Engineer shares the same table (along with minor involvements of Biotechnological Engineers and Psychologists as well). And why so? To crack it down for a layman in simple words: this is the field where we design and work towards making automated human-oriented tools and devices for improving our daily tasks (through means of AI/ML, Mechatronics, Nanotechnology, Biotechnological Engineering and some other disciplines), that which again demands the understanding the working and compatibility of humans and robots side-by-side and in an equal manner. Or to crack it down more: the field is all about making robots that can make human lives easier - use in industrial production, reducing human error in work, or avoiding accidents, etc. You name anything! Self-piloted drones, self-propelled lawn mowers, autonomous electric vehicles, marine robots, or mining robots used for excavations are some very decent examples of 'intelligent' robotic devices that do not need any human control, whatsoever. To quote HCL Technologies, "With rapid development in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics technology, automation is at the tipping point (of engineering)." So basically, the future of engineering and technology, along with the future of our society, lies in automation and robotics. Hence, this internship opportunity is very important for me and the apparent flourishing of my career.

Apart from my engineering studies and career, I am sociopolitically very vocal and active since my mid-teenage years, with a very soft corner for my Muslim community and the other downtrodden communities of the state (for eg, the Indian Bahujan-Adivasi community) which are at the mercy of the regular onslaught of the state-machinery and majoritarian society. I have participated and volunteered for various social causes, with primarily having been very active during the anti-CAA/NRC protests last year here in Kolkata. Besides, I do happen to be a registered Climate Action Volunteer with the Swedish originated climate-activist group, Fridays For Future (of Greta Thunberg), in their local Kolkata chapter. Furthermore, I had been very active as a pan-Bengal coordinating volunteer during the devastating 2nd wave of Covid here in India and helped in providing other relief materials; like rations, financial help and crowdfunding, etc; to people adversely affected due to the lockdown. In a way or the other, I have always tried to contribute to the society in whatever means that has been possible for me.

I strongly believe that the condition of Muslims, Bahujans, and other socially downtrodden groups can only be elevated through education, and education alone. It's through this alone that every kind of emancipation can come true. Financial problem in my family is something that I have grown up with. But no matter what, never has my mother compromised with the studies and education of mine and my brother. Alhamdullilah!

It's truly a high time for us that, we, the kids of the subordinate community, fight against all odds to be the voices of our respective communities, and put our education and knowledge for the dutiful benefitting and upliftment of our communities. Nobody else will do that for us! Hence, with the promise of returning back every favour that I receive through this crowdfunding for my travel, promise to return back everything (and even more) to my people when I'm finally an abled person, Insha Allah, and therefore with this promise, I appeal to everyone of you to contribute for my sincere cause. Thanking you with loads of love! Jazak Allah Khayr! 

I have enclosed all the necessary documents for your kind perusal.

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