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Support Mugdha To Build A Forever Home For Needy Animals
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    Mugdha Khatri
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Healing Saathi

    from Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Tax benefits for INR donations will be issued by Healing Saathi

I am Mugdha Khatri from Dehradun.I have always been attracted to Dogs and Cats since my childhood days.The death of one of my first pets, due to the wrong treatment given to her shook me to the core. When I came to terms with her death, I was determined not to let any dog around me die due to a lack of proper medical care.
During the Covid lockdown, stray animals had nothing to eat.
I would prepare food for them at home and feed over 100 strays in a day.

I rescued many dogs who were in critical condition. I provided them medical care and kept them at my home.
Soon my house was full of rescued dogs. I had exhausted all my savings by now. At this point, I thought that I need a shelter home where I can keep more dogs and take better care of them.

I had no money left with me. My mother pledged her gold and gave me the money to start the shelter home.  I got a small place on rent and constructed a Shelter Home that can accommodate around 40 Dogs.

My typical day starts at 8 AM,   planning and coordinating rescue operations, taking care of dogs at our shelter home, taking them on Vet visits on the scheduled days, ensuring timely supply of medicines and food items, etc.  People's antipathy towards strays in our society is no secret. 

Running a shelter home for stray animals is never an easy task. Every day brings us a new set of challenges.
I was tested Covid positive and was under isolation for over two weeks. But with the help of my friends, I ensured that the shelter home functioned smoothly. 
Before lockdown I was selected for the cabin crew's job in a reputed airline but due to lockdown offer letter was postponed. After lockdown I received my offer letter but as I had started the shelter home I chose the animal welfare work over my career goals.
The satisfaction and the inner peace that I get from the work is a reward in itself.

A large number of distress calls that we receive are of the cases involving road accidents and one of the biggest reasons behind the road accident involving stray animals is their poor visibility during the night.
I did some research on this and with the help of my friends started making reflective collars at home.
These collars glow in the dark when light falls on them, enabling the drivers to notice the presence of animals well in time.
I regularly conduct drives to put these collars on stray animals.
Now the main challenge before us is that we can house a maximum of 35 to 40 dogs in our existing shelter home. We already have 38 dogs and won't be able to admit any new dog once this figure reaches 40.Besides this, we are not able to take bigger animals like Cows, Mules, Donkeys, etc, due to lack of enough space.Another challenge that we face is handling contagious and deadly diseases like Parvo and Canine Distemper. We do not have an isolation ward where we can keep infected dogs.
Now my vision is to make a bigger Shelter Home that can house up to 500 big and small animals. It will have all the required facilities including an isolation ward.

I alone can't do this. I need your help.
Your small contribution will go a long way towards alleviating the suffering of stray animals.

Let's not forget that Animals have an equal rights to live on this planet with dignity. Let's fight for their rights.. together.

Our Project:

We require 1 acre of land to construct the shelter for 500 animals. We have spotted the places nearby Dehradun where we can get land in price of  around 40 lakh per bigha. 1 acre comprises of around 6 bigha in Uttarakhand. So at the price of 40 lakh/bigha 1 acre will cost us around 2 crore 40 lakhs. 

We have divided our plan in two steps.

Step 1- Buying a land and shifting current rented shelter to this land.

In this step initially we are going for half acre land which will cost us around 1 crore.

Step 2- Implementation

After raising funds for step 1 and shifting the current rented shelter we will start implementing the below things at broader level. We will be creating a separate fundraiser campaign for this as to implement this step instead of money people can also donate construction material, rescue van/ambulance, kitchen items, fans, food, medicines etc.

Healing Saathi Animal Care & Shelter Home will have - 

1. Treatment ward
2. Animal Ambulance
3. Medical Team
4. Support Team
5. Small animals (dogs, cats etc) wards
6. Big animals ( cows, donkeys etc ) wards
7. Isolation ward
8. Animal food kitchen
9. Rooms for Medical & Support teams
10. Organic farming

Other programs to run-
1. Rescues
2. Stray feeding
3. Stray vaccination
4. Public awareness camps
5. Adoption camps
6. Reflective collars drive
& many more...

Edmund Burke once said, "Nobody made a greater mistake than the who did nothing because he could only do a little", so please give your little donations because each drop is what makes an ocean. Be a hero of those in need. Help us gain an amount of Rs.1-crore, each donation counts even if it's 1 rupee.

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