Help 350 kids go back to school after fire destroys their homes

Barefoot, small kids run around the narrow lanes of Damu Nagar slum in Kandivali. After a massive fire broke out on December 7, in Kandivali’s Damu Nagar area, a slum of over 2000 homes were destroyed. That unfortunate day, not only wrecked homes of the poor people but also took away from the children their books, bags, uniforms, footwear and a lot of their innocence.
Several NGOs chipped in to cater to the basics – food, clothes, first aid. However, the other necessities were overlooked. "I'm used to it now. The rocks don't hurt anymore," said 8-year-old Poonam Gaikwad. "I want one and one for my younger sister Raashi. She is five and goes out of the house often,” said Durga Salvi, a 10-year-old.

When Iamin correspondent enquired, concerned parents told that they need at least a pair for the youngest kid in the house. On asking why the family hadn't provided the kids with flip-flops, Jaya Sangde, mother of 3 kids, said, "What should we buy first - food grains or slippers? Our priority is to keep our kids alive.”
The children don’t have uniforms, a lot of them don’t have bags, most don’t have footwear, a few don’t even have text books but their families continue to send them to school, a 15 to 20 minute walk away from the community. All in the hope of a better future.  

A lot of the kids have managed to get themselves footwear, a few have managed to get bags, there are many more who haven’t yet been catered to. They still carry books in polythene bags and walk bare feet.

Bridge, a Mumbai-based not-for-profit organization and the on-ground partners for a sustainable, long-term rehabilitation of the Kandivali Fire survivors, will utilize the funds raised on Milaap to provide children with the basics necessities to continue with their education and subsequently also provide quality, supplementary education to bring the children of the community at par with other kids.

How will the funds be utilized?

Books, Notebooks, stationery (Rs 200 per child)₹ 70,000
Bags (350 units @ ~ Rs 200 each) ₹ 70,000
Shoes/Footwear (~300 units @ Rs 150 each) ₹ 45,000
Counseling and supplementary education tutor fee₹ 1,20,000
Miscellaneous₹ 20,000
Total₹ 3,25,000

For any queries regarding the campaign and fund utilization, please call Bridge India  at one of these nos. 09619677553 / 09820082309

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22nd August 2016
Dear Supporters, 

The champions have a good update to share with everyone.

With your support and collective efforts of volunteers, around 350 children in the fire affected area in Kandivali have been given new shoes. Along with these, bags have also been distributed. 

Preference was given to children from standard 5 to standard 9 first. Shoes were later distributed to students from standard 10 to standard 12. The children are extremely happy to have something new as they had lost most of their belongings in the fire. Their families, too, are extremely grateful for the assistance as they could not provide their children with any material for their education or clothing. 

These children no longer have to walk to school barefoot. Slowly, the families of these children are trying to repurchase books and other material for their children, which they now carry in the bags provided to them. 

The families thank you all for the support and help provided to these children. 
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