Relatives Refused To Help 4-Year-Old Because She’s A Girl

A few years ago, our happy home was filled with laughter. Donya used to chase me around and laugh loudly every time she thought she had caught me. We would play small games and my days would be filled with her never-ending stories. Our children were happy and healthy. There was nothing more Vikas and I could ask for. But everything changed for us last year. Life as we knew it, came to a shocking standstill. 

When Donya was a little over two years old, she developed a fever that just wouldn't go away. Numerous doctors visits and lists of medicines that she took were fruitless. Her fevers kept coming back. She only got weaker and unresponsive. Her condition disintegrated from there on. She started to faint often, but no one was able to give us answers. Both Vikas and I are not educated enough to understand any sign of a major ailment. But as they say, a mother’s heart knows it all. I knew something was not fine with my baby.

I insisted that we go to a good hospital and get her a full body check-up. Tests confirmed that my little one had Thalassemia Major, a severe genetic blood disorder where the body fails to generate haemoglobin for red blood cells. Doctors said that the treatment for this condition included blood transfusion and that it should have been administered to Donya much earlier.

Donya started blood transfusions. We were first told that the transfusions would give Donya a few more years at best. However, a recent check-up revealed that the transfusions had caused iron to accumulate in her body and was affecting her organs. We would never want to give up on our beautiful, always smiling girl, but it seemed like all hope was lost.

Finally, there was a sliver of hope – Donya could be saved with a bone marrow transplant and we were determined to do everything we could to make sure she gets the life-saving treatment. Kushank, our younger son, got tested to see if he could be a donor. Sadly, the tests revealed that he too has Thalassemia. Only one thing ran through our minds- did this mean that we would lose both our children?

We knocked on many doors of our neighbours and relatives to ask them for help, but they all refused. They asked us why we wanted to save our girl child. I couldn't believe it. No one came forward to help us only because she's a girl. We're now at a dead end.

I don’t remember the last time I felt happiness. Donya tries to make Vikas and I smile, however. She touches my cheek gently when I'm very sad. As if she's the adult consoling a child. As parents, we wish to shield our children from every harm. But both now are children are living through a nightmare. I'm wracked with guilt because the only way to save my daughter is something we will never be able to afford. We're standing in the way of her recovery and I will never forgive myself if we lose her for this.

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My husband, Vikas is a farmer in Adampur, Haryana. He has been working over and above what is possible to make the impossible happen. We have been desperately trying to arrange for enough to sustain Donya's treatments. There are only a few months when farming is possible. Whatever he can make in the productive months, is all we have for the entire year. There is no fixed income, but there is a fixed medical expense of Rs 20,000 every month. Sometimes we need extra money for tests. My little baby girl Donya, will slip away from us if we can’t get her bone marrow transplant done urgently. The amount required to save my little girl is Rs 40 lakhs, but there's no way for us to afford it. 
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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18th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your wonderful love and support.

Donya is currently doing well and the bone marrow test has been done already. There might be someone from Australia who may be a potential donor. We are waiting for the reports post which, the doctors will take a call on the further course of action.

Chemotherapy hasn't been started yet because once we start, we can't delay the transplant. Please keep praying for her and supporting her.We shall keep you posted.

Thank you again!
30th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your love and support. This couldn't have been possible without you.

Donya is currently doing okay. Her treatment is still on. Her bone marrow transplant is yet to be done. Her chemotherapy is about to start in a day. the doctors have told us that she might need a total of five cycles of chemotherapy.

This treatment will also include sessions of blood transfusions to her cope with the process. We are all hopeful about her recovery. Please keep praying for her. We shall keep you posted. Thank you. 
1st May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous love and support. We couldn't have imagined getting my baby treated if you hadn't supported us.

It gives me immense pleasure in informing you all that we have been able to find a donor for my kid. Donya is currently doing okay. She needs to undergo chemotherapy which is likely to start on the 10th of May, 2018.

The final round of pre Bone Marrow Transplant tests is yet to be done, post which, the doctors will take her into surgery. The entire treatment is for about two months, provided she does not develop any infections and the transplant takes place successfully and her body is able to accept it.

She had a blood transfusion today and is feeling better. We have brought her home for now. However, we are required to see the doctor o 3rd May, 2018. We are all hoping and praying for her well being.

Please keep supporting us so we can help my child live a happy life again.

Thank you again,
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