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    dHIVE students from low income schools

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Students are full of creativity, and quite often we underestimate what their curious minds can do for community building. They need more than subject knowledge; they need other skills including better creativity, communication skills, team skills and confidence to face the real world and get good employability skills. Lack of medium of expression of their ideas and hence lack of confidence don't let students realize their true potential.

LEAD BY DESIGN is committed to equipping students with skills and mindsets to strengthen their leadership ability through design thinking.


We are doing this through a well researched Children Led Participatory Design (CLPD) where children identify and co-create contextual solutions along with their community to solve real world challenges. This program helps both the students and the community where they live in. By working with the community, our program develops leadership qualities in children - by empowering them to co-create with the community, building a sense of ownership and helping them acquire employability skills.

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Lead by Design

Impact so far and future -

We have thus far intervened in  low income private schools from Chennai and rural villages near to Auroville-Pondicherry). Through these centres, we have worked with 200+ students and developed 20 student innovators.

In the low income school in Chennai, children won the  ‘Brightest idea of the year” award in a national design competition conducted by Design for Change.  

This year we will be working with low income schools in Chennai. And aim to impact 400+ students. In 10 years, we aim to impact 1 million semi-urban and rural children, bringing their fullest potential to light.
Get involved in the Change

For this year, our budget is INR 0.5 million, half of which (INR 2.5 Lakhs), we are raising through your support. The money will strictly be used for the program costs (Training, operation costs and innovation trips) and purchase of basic equipments for innovation.

With as less as Rs 450, you can be a part of this change and empower students in becoming leaders of tomorrow in their communities.(Rs 450 will be spent for the innovation program of 1 student for a month. With Rs 1800, you can sponsor a team of 4 and with Rs 9000, you can sponsor a classroom of 20 for the innovation program).

We invite everyone to join hands in our vision in building community change-makers of tomorrow. 

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