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Hello Supporters, my name is Deepak Kumar from Kharar SAS Nagar Punjab,   
Supporters You know yet FOOD,CLOTH, SHELTER AND VACCINATION, is very important for every human    
Yet these are so same as animals like COWS,BULLS etc. 
Supporters, We need your Support for these animals FOOD, SHELTER, VACCINATION etc.
In our town they are so many  animals like cows, bulls, they are sorrounding free in our town, these animals are precious gift of GOD for us, because animals like cows give us milk etc. so I and My team of Mandir & Gaushala decides it that we collect these  cows , bulls and take into our place for giving them FOOD, SHELTER AND VACCINATION OUR Krishan Gaushala is Registered under Krishan Gaushala Welfare Society under act 1956
Supporters today' time are very Crucial for our cows and bulls in our Gaushala beacause they are no fund are coming for these precious animals our place like Gaushala are so small and dirty, they are no fund coming for their food like chaara, bhoosa etcOur small room are empty for their food
Today we have total 200 cows and you are expected if they are not eat proper food, how they will live
Look at this, this is our worker, this worker is doing love with our small Nandi name HEERABut today these small animals have not their food for eaten
IN Our Gaushala The Health of these Precious Animals are not Good
Look at this, the eye of this Cow is approximately destroy But we have not proper fund for their health, we have not proper fund for their Vaccination, These Animals have also not proper shelter for their lives, some sheds we have but they are approximately old and destroyThey are not proper Khurlis for them where we put proper chaara for them

So we want proper Shed for their Shelter and proper Khurlees for their chaara
We want proper Bricks Floor for them where they live Properly

But this is no easy as we express, but we can do it if you all supporters support us for doing this work,
So plz I and My team humble request to all of you , plz give us maximum to maximum funds for the improvement of the Food, Health and Shelter of these precious animals, We need maximum 3000000 Rs for the improvement of these animals and improvement of our religious place like Gaushala, we have maximum 200 cows and bulls in our Gaushala and approximately 200 animals in our town.

In 200 cows maximum cows are ill, so it will come 4-5 lakhRs. cost for the Vaccination and Health of these animals, this cost totally including their health and there food like chaara etc., supporters you know it comes max. 15000cost of one animal per month including all (health, food, shelter etc.) we have come all 200 animals from our town, so it will come another 4-5 lakh cost of there improvement ( including their health, food, shelter etc) and for also their transport cost for taking their in our Gaushala, Some place are empty sorrounding our Gaushala
We want adjust these animals in our Religious place Gaushala. 
So We will do another Works for the take care of these Animals, we will make proper Shed and Floor for  these animals, we will do improve our Religious place Gaushala, it will come 15-20 lakh Rs. cost arises So approximately 30lakh  Rs. cost will come for these Religious work
There are no fund come from anywhere on these days so the Situation of these animals are so bad on these days

SO I humble request to all of you SUPPORTERS, plz give us maximum FUND for these Religious Work, plz give us Maximum Fund and Support

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