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Rescue and sterilizations of dogs outside Bangalore Municipal limits
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We are raising funds to rescue, sterilize, vaccinate, and treat 100 stray dogs by June 2021, in Kannamangala on the outskirts of Bangalore, an area not covered under the Bangalore Municipality's sterilization and vaccination drives. We have been rescuing and rehabilitating injured and sick stray dogs in need since Jun 2019.

There's been a huge explosion in the stray dog population in our area, also because of the recent heavy increase in the number of residential societies in this area
This has led to:
  1. Increased road accidents, dog deaths, and lifelong injuries for affected dogs
  2. Increased animal cruelty cases due to intolerance among residents for the ever-increasing numbers of stray dogs
  3. Increased dog fights leading to injuries 
  4. Constant birth of new litters of pups
  5. Frequent pregnancies leading to unhealthy female dogs
  6. Fast spread of canine infections
  7. Death of young pups to disease and attacks by the many larger dogs

To address the situation, we:
  1. Run dog sterilization and vaccination drives every alternate week to humanely control the stray dog population. 
  2. Provide good post-operative care and first-aid to enhance the quality of life of our community dogs.
  3. Feed nutritious meals to the area dogs twice a day which includes chicken, brown rice, curd, and health supplements.
  4. Rescue any dog in need of medical care, including road accidents, puppy deadly viral disease infections, etc.
  5. Place reflective collars on all sterilized dogs to safeguard them in the night from speeding vehicles.
  6. Help get adopted all orphaned and care-needing pups.

We typically send our community dogs to ALAI Rescues, Bengaluru, a reputed and sincere animal welfare NGO, for sterilizations and vaccinations, and long-term treatment and care when needed.
Other short-term intensive treatments are generally undertaken at Cancure Vet Hospital, Bangalore.

Following are the indicative charges:
  1. Per dog = INR 2880 [(Pre-sterilization bloodtest = INR 600)  +  (Sterilization + Rabies vaccine + post-op medical boarding and care = INR 1800) + (DHPPi vaccine = INR 480.)]
  2. Catching and Transportation for 10 dogs pick and drop = INR 1500
  3. Medical charges for the various injuries and diseases detected (if any) can vary widely, anywhere from INR 5000 - INR 70000 for an ill dog.
By June 2021, we are attempting to sterilize at least 100 more dogs in the area and provide good medical care to dogs in need in the Kannamangala area of Bangalore. Of course, alongside, we'll rescue any injured or sick dogs and send them for appropriate treatment and hospital admissions.

Estimated breakdown:
Sterilizations and vaccainations = INR 2880 X 100 = INR 288000
Catcher and Transportation Fee = INR 1500 X 10 = INR 15000
DHHPi vaccinations = INR 500 x 100 = INR 50000
Injury and other treatment estimates = INR 300000

We are a couple working full time in the IT industry and also undertaking these efforts alongside, completely self-funded so far, as it is unbearable to watch these innocent animals suffer since we humans have not just taken over their natural land but also turn a blind eye to their existence!

No amount is small in this effort and your contributions would be received with immense gratitude. Help us give these innocent souls a healthy and safe life on our streets. They do not ask for anything more! :)

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