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Hi. My name is Crystal. I am a 47 year old single mom of 8 beautiful children, 2 of which have special needs. My 20 year old daughter is mentally challenged/epileptic & my 15 year old son is autistic with adhd. I have been living in India for 40 years mostly involved in various ngo projects helping with the underprivileged & orphan children. Because of my strong faith in humanity, I have always chosen work that would follow my passion of helping others. Before the lockdown I was able to support my children as a small time event planner organising small birthday parties. After the lockdown I lost this means of supporting my family. 
 My 2 oldest children (Mia 22 & chris 21) were working aswell until they lost their job due to lock down. Ethan 18 years old had finished his 10th & was ready to start 11th when the lockdown happened. My desire is that all my children will be able to finish their education but for now the surgeries are most important on the list. 

A few years ago, due to various issues my husband & I separated. So now most of their care is my responsibility. He still tries to support us if he can but the lockdown has effected his business so much that he has not been able to support their current needs. Life has been extremely stressful & difficult as you can imagine living in a small apartment with 8 children who cannot do very much & are not allowed to go & play or meet friends etc. Due to high covid cases our area is still restricted.

A couple weeks ago a very serious accident happened in our home due to my special needs children getting emotional. A glass door in my livingroom was shattered & 3 of my boys had serious injuries that need urgent surgery. One of my sons ( Liam 12 had a surgery for the repair of the tendons on his hand which was such an amount we ran short. We are grateful for any help which can go towards the surgery cost &  therapy to regain the use of his right hand. Another of my sons, Chris 21, has a lower abdominal injury. I have never been through something so traumatic & stressful in my life as I was alone, handling everything including all the hospital visits & trying to keep my children safe & cared for. 

I wish I could handle everything by myself but the reality is, it's not possible. I know many of us are facing difficult situations & my heart goes out to all those finding themselves in similar situations who have lost their jobs too. My prayer is that it will all serve to make us stronger & closer to eachother.

With this appeal I'm reaching out to my loved ones, to my dearest friends & any loving souls who feel connected who would be able to help me take care of these immediate needs of my children. I would be so grateful for any help big or small. Besides the surgery the children need other medical attention too like urgent dental care & new glasses. The children have many needs that would help to keep them occupied, busy learning & safe but I cannot provide them all due to my limited means. We need educational materials so they can learn from home due to schools being closed. Recreational equipment for the special needs children in order to keep them busy & safe. For all of this we are requesting 3 lac Indian Rupees. This amount will cover the surgeries aswell as the other needs of the children. Any help big or small will go very far & make a huge difference in making the children's lives safer & more secure. Thank you so much for your love, kindness & generous support. 

P.S. I would love to give back in any way I can to those who help me. So if you or anyone you know could be helped with my expertise in childcare/natural birth or weight loss healthy vegan lifestyle, I would love to be a blessing to you. Please feel free to contact me directly for more info on this.

With love, prayers & gratefulness,
Crystal & children

 "Nothing the heart gives is lost, but is kept in the hearts of others forever."

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