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Dear All,

I am writing to you urgently in request for donations on behalf of a dear friend, who is a fellow undergraduate student on financial aid and wishes to remain anonymous. Do read the following description of our fundraiser and consider donating for the subsistence of his family.

My friend's family is facing a severe financial crisis. His family resides in a rural area. Strict lockdown measures and the spread of COVID-19 in the locality has severed all means of income for his family. His family is a joint family residing together, and a brother who lives in Mumbai. They are in dire need of financial help.

The lack of income has resulted in his family not being able to pay the electricity bill. The electricity bill has been due since March. Five days ago the electricity board stopped power supply to his house after several rounds of warnings. Lack of electricity has caused a lack of access to basic needs, including my friend’s younger brothers failing to attend online school.  The amount charged by the electricity board is INR 30,000 and his family has not been able to manage the amount. I have attached a copy of the electricity bill with this description.

Additionally, the family is running out of food, grains, and all rations that they had collected more than a month back. He informed me that the family has some anaaj remaining, but has been having meals without vegetables. Additionally there is a shortage of salt, oil, and dal. Due to the lack of income source and the fact that they are a big family, it has been difficult to purchase these items in enough quantity. We are planning to raise an additional amount of INR 45,000 so that the family is able to ration the required food and are able to support themselves for the next few months.

One of my friend’s brothers, who resides in Mumbai, is a daily wage labourer. He is currently living in a jhuggi jhopri with a few friends. The lockdown has caused him unable to work and thus no source of income has been available. Since the lockdown in Mumbai will be extended, he is running out of the miniscule financial support he had. We are planning to raise an amount of INR 25,000 so that he is able to purchase essential necessities and can live without worry for the next few months.

We are fundraising a total amount of One Lakh Rupees. Upon collection we will divide the amount threefold; electricity bill (30,000), rations at home (45,000), and support for brother (25,000). I earnestly request you to consider donating urgently any amount you can and amplify the fundraiser if possible. My friend and his family will be eternally grateful for your gesture. The pandemic has affected us all immensely, and it is in such circumstances that we need to stand by those who are in dire need of our help.

Hope you consider donating.
(Please find attached a copy of the electricity bill)

Sincere Regards, 
Biplob Kumar Das

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