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Krityam- Preserving Mithila Art and Support the Artist
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Krityam is the sanskrit word for work. Many a times our work identifies us. It is not only the source of our livelihood but it is also hows the society accepts us and perceives us.
Our country has a rich heritage and art in various forms our the reflection of our cultural past.Fortunately India is blessed with various art forms which speak about our glory and our beliefs. The rural artisans are the custodians of this and make beautiful designs on various handicraft products which help in these art forms reaching our homes. Each one of us loves to  keep such articles in our homes. 
Unfortunately this art form is dying a slow death

This is because the rural artisans are excessively dependent on the middlemen to sell their products which leads to lesser price realization.They also have to reach out to these middlemen to acquire capital for raw material at pretty steep rates and are slowly pushed into a debt trap in the hands of these people  In the absence of other avenues to sell their products they do not have an option out of this misery. From being art entrepreneurs they are forced into being waged laborers and further pushed into poverty.

Nabet wishes to solve this problem .
1. We reduce the dependence on middlemen and offer the artisans on alternate solution to sell their products. We also exhibit the product on our website so that the artisans can undertand the actual price realized and thus his margin on the product.
2. We help in selling the products directly via online marketplaces to increase the sales for the poduct and reach out to conscious companies to buy the product.
3. We get the artisans to register with the various govt schemes so that they can realize the benefits which government outlays for them eg. easy credit health insurance etc .

Where do we need help

1. NABET needs initial capital to purchase the products from the artisans. These artisans are not businessmen and cannot extend credit on the products sold to us. Only the flipside companies and online marketplaces ask us to hold inventory ask the orders need to be fulfilled within  days of booking .Thus way your organization is stuck
2. We need to extensively market the initiative via google ads and offline outreach to corporate .We need to spend on these efforts in order to get the initial traction of customers
3. The outreach program is consuming money in order to reach out to every artisans and telling him about our cause and adding him to the program

Once we clock sustainability we would not be needing the financial help and from there it would be about replicating the effort accross different parts of the country.

Progress till now
1.We were choosen amongst the top 5 NGOs from 1000 of institutions by Flipkart to be a part of the program . This was basis our past work in the field of disability empowerment and our extensive  work over the last 10 years in this field. With flipkart we hope to solve the demand end of the problem
2. We have also tried to get a few institutional customers to pledge buying products from us and have got a few successes in this
3. We have  partnered with DC Handicrafts a government of India organization and are in the progress of allocation of a 500 member cluster who shall be directly working with us as a part of the pilot .The aim is to be impacting close to 5000 artisans in our effort
4. We have applied for Google Identification (GI Tracking) of our product to ensure authenticity for the product delivered to the customer.
Future ahead
We aim to be engaged with 5000 artisans from accross the country and create an application which gives a real time tracking of the product manufactured by the artisans accross the value chain( in stock /in shelf/ sold out etc) The website will also tell them about the value earned for the product to aid price discovery for them .The disabled resources will also be involved in marketing and customer service and value addition to the product
About the organization 
Nabet is a 10 year old organization which has tirelessly worked for the employment and empowerment of underpriviliged and persons with disabilities in India
It has won various laurels both nationally an internationally for its good work .To founding team member is a Ashoka fellow and also a fellow of  DO school in Berlin

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