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    from Nadia, West Bengal


I am humbly knocking at the Hearts of all Pet Lovers in the entire World for Help - to be the Voice of the Voiceless.
I am willingly determined to help these poor animals who are abused and kicked away from houses in our society.
Whenever I went out on the road I realized that I am hearing those painful cries in every here & there I go.
People leave these little hearts to the roadside or in jungles, abandoned, left to die.
I have seen many little kittens who even did not stop drinking their mother's milk are left in roads by stone-hearted people. They became dead due to starvation and lack of a mother's warmth.
One day I saw 3 little kittens near a garbage place jostling to get some food. They were too thin, shattered, starving for hunger.
That day it affected me so much that I was not able to stop my tears. I fetched them to my home with me, fed them, nourished them by myself.
Most of the credit goes to my mother as she took too good care of them every day.
It was a few years back since I started collecting cats or kittens from the roadside, those who are in serious need.
But all the time luck don't remain by our side because, after bringing home we nourish them with food, milk, and medicines but after all our hard efforts we are not able to save all of them.
Many of them died and it really hurts, but it was making me much more determined to help as much as possible.
Currently we have approx 21 cats in our home, healthy and sound. Two of them were suffering from cold, some of them were bitten, few with wounds, two of them with broken legs, one with a broken tail in three parts. But now they are much better and well recovered.
But now I need to find them a big place because I am bringing more of them who are in very difficult situations, having a hard time living.
I have my own business to support me and my family. I have an also my own home but it's not enough to keep such a huge amount of cats.
So now I am in a serious need to create Animal Aid Foundation. I have already decided a name - "VOICE OF THE VOICELESS".
But I want you to suggest a better name if You find something Better in your mind.
Anyway, coming back to My Point. I have a Plain ground that my Grandfather gave me which is barren in some places as well as full of trees and grass on the other side which I think will be the ideal place to make the Foundation.
I am able to support my family, but now I am being unable to help these poor who are so much in number and increasing with time.
Thus I am here begging your help. As I have my own land to create the foundation I just need other stuff.
I have made plans which I am sharing with you now. I have divided the things into parts which I need to give the foundation a complete shape.
I need Infrastructure (need to surround the place with concrete Wall to the height of 3 ft., then iron pillars with the iron net over the walls - which we see in Zoo).
Then comes the Medical Facility and bringing Veterinarian from city area as I live in village side so there is a huge problem in Animal Medical Facility.
Then again I will need an Ambulance to bring the needy from long distance areas. I will gather a few willing people to help me in this Generous plan.
I need to buy a good amount of Medicine for the cats and Medical Facility such as creating a basic operation theater.
I will be needed to pay the fees to the Doctor and Medical Team as I will be bringing them from city areas.
so the Cost as follows -
Infrastructure - 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs (approx)
Ambulance - 1.5 lakh to3 lakh (approx)
Medical facility & all medicine & Basic OT infrastructure - 5 lakh to 7 lakh (approx)
Veterinarian and Medical Team - 3 to 5  lakh (approx) estimating in total for the long term.
After I give shape to the Foundation, I will Advertise about the foundation and I am sure that people will be amazed by hearing about such Foundation as it will be really unique in our area.
Thus people will be visiting out of curiosity and I hope that they will also help these little lives in various ways.
After completion, I and the foundation members will organize little campaigns to advertise about the foundation and will try to bring general awareness about Animal Abuse to the Mass.
In our campaign, we will tell people about the foundation and if anyone finds any little needy animals anywhere they will be able to contact us directly to help the poor.
I have also started helping poor Dogs of roadside from this year. Already collected four Dogs in serious condition and their treatment is going on.
Once the foundation completes, it will be divided into parts for different animals such as Cats, Dogs and etc.
let's hope for the best, wish us Luck, Prayers are really appreciated.
Help us to restore Humanity in this way.
Please donate to Help - be the Voice of the Voiceless. Your Every donation is appreciated as it will bring Food and Life to all these Little Hearts.

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