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Breeder rescues needs medical help
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    Sonali Tripathi of Paw in Need
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Animals under care of Dr. Sonali Tripathi of Paw in Need

    from Pilkhuwa, Uttar Pradesh

I am Sonali Tripathi of Paw in Need.We are an animal welfare organization working in Pilkhuwa ( Delhi NCR ), Saharanpur and Ranchi.
We feed 350+ dogs everyday and rescue,rehibtilate & rehome dogs & cats who are medically unfit to survive on roads.

This fundraiser is set up for help 9 dogs who we have rescued from breeder sufferring from distemper & parvo.
The breeder wanted to discard them by any means but didn't wanted to bear the treatment expenses so we took them in and will rehome them once they recover.

The dogs are -
1) Odin -
 Breed - Pitbull
age - 6 months old
Bought from a breeder as the family fancied thsi breed but failed to fullfill his needs & hence he got aggressive

2) 3 doberman puppies :- 
 Reena, Rustam & Vioan- The doberman puppies of 2 months of age. They were every infected with canine parvo virus & bacterial blood infection.The puppies were rescued in worst state and Rustam scummbed to disease while his treatment where as Reena & Viona recovered

3) Aldo - 28 dogs old GSD puppy
Bought by breeders for Rs. 45,000/- and the family who bought them was a first time pet parent.
The puppy was sold on pretext of being 2 months old & compeletely healthy where as he was distemper positive. His buyers didn't understand his symptoms and put him up for adoption at Rs. 20,000/- saying it was for the cost of the products they bought for him which they would habd over along with him and put a facebook ad.
I saw thw add, councelled them and after 3 days when his situation was worsening & his  PCR reports  came his parents surrendered himand he came into our care

4) Elmo - A completely blind stray dog. He met an accident and was lying in Bulandhehra merdyt for 7 days. No one wnated to help him and his repoter went reatless to help him and reached out to us. His both eyes were out from sockets, one of his eyes have fallen out due to maggots and another one is necrose due to prolapsed. The dog was severely injured with major injuries and will undergo a surgery on 20 september 2021 for his eyes.arding shelter for all his life
He'll further stay into a boarding shelter for all his life.

5) Isa - Our previous rescue who met an accident in march. Sh was adopted by a family in NCR who abused her &  kept her in balcony.When we check on her she  was lying in a pool of her own urine without any food & water. Terrified & terming with the sight of human. We brought her in. She was given anti anxiety for treatment & is under closed monitoring.

6) Tuffy - Our fisrt rescued puppy, the motivation behind everything. He was adopted too but his family started abusing him when they lost jobs in pandemic. He somehow remembered where I stayed in hostel & left his home & came back to hostel. We thought he had lost his way home and tried dropping him thrice and everytime he came back. He was sent to iur vet & he was put on anti anixety drugs too.Now we have settled him on roads outisde our hostel.

7) Shakti - golden kitten - He was lying in parking after being crushed under the wheel of someone's far & his limb was severly infested with maggots. he was lying for 5 days with no one. He was reported to us and it tooks 8 hours to search him and get him to vet. He had to undergo an amputation surgery after a month of treatment for sepsis & severe infections.

We need to raise their medical & boarding & transportation bills.
We have few more babies coming to us from breeder soon too.

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