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Need Rs.8,00,000
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I am completely drained out of funds. Managing the monthly food of 50+ rescues has become a nightmare since last few months. And above all the vet's visits in private taxi's have added a lot of financial and physical burden on me.
Again requesting you all to come forward to help not only for their treatments but for their monthly food and other expenses.
Here I also want to ask people who have given their rescues to me for Life to at least pay for their upbringing. ...
I have never asked but today I m forced to ask as I have a total of 20 rescues from people who have never bothered to look back.. who have never bothered to ask or visit and pay for them. ...
Rescues from people:
1. Sunny, Ravi, Som, Mangal - 4 healthy brothers from Greater Kailash  part II. They were given to me when they were around 3 or 4 months old. And I was paid Rs.750 monthly for each since last 5 years.. and after a lot of pleading it is now Rs.1000 each dog for a month. Is it justified ?????
2. Guru - came to me from pritampura with one arm amputated ...had 104 temperature. ..was traumatised and was a bag of bones. It's been 6 years now and no one has ever bothered to visit, ask or pay for him.
3. Chotu (3 legged) and Joy (broken spine) ... came to me years ago and all I m paid is Rs.1000 a month for each..
4. Anand (came in coma ... revovered but lost his vision), Mirchi (with swollen leg and not eating) and Rani (paralysed waist below ) along with her 6 tiny pups. 3 of her babies have already flown to US. 3 r still with me growing big but no one ready to adopt them.
5. Rustam (with fractured leg) and Hero (with crushed arm and I have to get it amputated to save him from gangrene) . Both were left at different times. Today Rustam is 11 years old and the other one is around 6 years.
Again the same ... the lady has never bothered to look back, ask or pay for them but has guts to call me sometime ago to keep one more.
6. Mishti. ... was a bag of bones with body sores. Very weak hind legs... Recovered completely but now is a fully paralysed girl as her disease is genetic. .. her vertebrae r not completely formed since birth and now some sharp edges r growing which hurts her whenever touches any veins ...
The kind lady has treated me as a part of her family and has supported without asking but not now. however today I m forced to ask for it on monthly basis as I m not able to arrange any funds.
7. Guddu, Elsa, Prince are 3 more however the people connected to them are of big support to me even now.
8. Lucky ... a black labrador dumped at Friendecoes was given to me by Uma Menon with a promise of his monthly upkeep but never kept her words instead started speaking I'll about me.
9. Shanky a broken spine dog  ... dumped by a foreigner, Amy.. with a promise of paying for his upkeep... she paid for just 2-3 months that too after asking for it ... chasing her but then I have to finally block her.
Think people think!!
A cheapest dog boarding will charge a minimum of Rs.300 a day in which ur dog will not get a luxury of cooler/AC... your dog will not be served pedigree or chicken rice ... no medical is included ... no grooming and above all no love and care!!  you will pay Rs.9000 for the boarding but Rs.0.00 to me where I personally take care of all.. where they r given the comfort of AC/ cooler. .. Pedigree,  curd, Paneer,  chicken rice ... where the best medical is provided ( hospitals where people don't take their own pets because of being expensive and far) ... taken in AC taxi's .. 24 hours freedom ... to give them place to run, dig ..I m paying 30000 rent...
In fact many of them are completely paralysed. ... I have to make them sit .. change positions ... make them eat while holding them ... clean their poops ... Love them BUT tell me how do I sustain??? How do I continue to give them the Best when I don't get funding.... And especially from people who have given or dumped their responsibilities on me!!
My monthly expense to take care of these 50 rescues in a rented house with all medical, food, transport, bills, repairs, etc... is minimum Rs.250000 + which I divided among these 50 rescues comes to Rs.5000 for each rescue.
So people please awake your concious to pay for your responsibilities. .. today I m forced to ask for it .. I m taking the best care of them for last so many years without asking... please
If you finding it too big an amount, then pay Rs.150 a day by paytm without missing a single day. .. hope this will not hurt your pockets ... it's because I have never asked .. no one bothered ... till date I cannot afford a single servant due to lack of funds ... you can't manage one pet without servant and expect me to manage 50+ (many physically disabled )all by myself!!

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