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Help Save These 2 Kittens
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On Sunday, 27th June,
we got a call that someone had left a box of tiny shivering kittens in front of the shop. we later learnt that a family who returned from their two week trip found them in their balcony that morning, and had put them in a box and thrown them out.
we tried to reason with them to allow us to keep them there to identify the mother but they completely refused to help. we left them in the parking lot near the same balcony for several hours hoping the mother would turn up but she didn't. 
we took them in, made them warm and cosy and fed them milk replacer. since then three of them are doing well, they are healthy and active, but one of them has been refusing food and is under treatment for the same. they are just around 3 weeks old now and we intend to provide for them till they are old enough to be adopted - around 2 months old, and then get them adopted. 
Parallel to this we were also fostering another paralyzed cat. Staying in a 1BHK, managing these 4 kittens, the paralyzed cat and my own cat had become very difficult. We fostered the kittens for a week, during this time one of the kittens was not able to make it as she had experienced a seizure. Soon we had moved these kittens to a foster in Yelahanka (21 km away from our location). Our foster had taken them to the vet the first they she had brought them as they had blood in their stools and they had bloated stomachs, the doctors had said this is could be a case of FIP, despite this the kittens had shown no other symptoms of FIP, they were playful and active. Since the kittens were said to have FIP, there was a risk of putting our fosters pet cats of being infected by FIP. This disease is deadly, can be spread to other cats, there is no cure for it, neither is there a test to confirm it. Later the kitten which was suspected to have FIP had undergone a PCR-TEST, which had tested him positive to mycoplasma. The other 2 kittens were also suspected to have mycoplasma due to the very same reason. A few days before our foster period ended, one of the kittens had started losing his appetite, he had been on IV for a few days but sadly he was unable to make it. Since the foster period had ended we brought the 2 kittens back to our home. They are currently on doxy for mycoplasma and we are monitoring their health. They are showing signs of improvement. We do believe they will be able to find homes that will take them in soon. We require funds for their further treatment of mycoplasma, to maintain their diet of N&D farmina dry food and Sheba wet food, litter, urine pads.
please donate and share widely to help our two adorable kittens survive and get adopted into good homes where they will be cherished. 

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