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Support Stammering in India


We seek your support to run a one-year focused intervention for people who stammer (PWS) in India of all ages to strengthen self-help groups, create & distribute self-help resources, organize workshops/conferences and enrich current therapeutic practices. 

If you live outside India, please donate to our Indiegogo campaign here:


The Indian Stammering Association   

The Indian Stammering Association or TISA is an empowered self-help movement for and by people who stammer.  If you are a person who stammers in India, you are already a member of TISA. It is completely volunteer run.  

TISA was founded by Dr. Sachin, a community health consultant, working in the Indian voluntary sector since 1993. Learn more about him on Stutter Talk. TISA's core-group members are Jai Prakash Sunda, Harish Usgaonker, Virendra Shirse, Amitsingh Kushwah, Vishal Gupta and Dhruv Gupta. TISA's leaders are the self-help group coordinators listed here.

Started in 2008, TISA's purpose is to collect and disseminate relevant, correct and unbiased information for people who stammer and their families, friends and society in general. It promotes a self help group movement, where PWS learn to help each other and themselves in the ancient Indian spirit: “This Self is to be achieved through self effort!” 

TISA has held 4 National Conferences, over 30 communication workshops, and has many self-help groups around the country that meet at least once a week for 2-3 hours. It has a widely accessed blog, private Facebook group that has grown from 200 to almost 2000 members in just a year, and many whatsapp groups.

Speak: Stammering Foundation     

Speak: Stammering Foundation aims to connect and strengthen the stammering eco-system in South Asia through interventions (like this one on Indiegogo). The foundation envisions a society where stammering is understood and stammerers feel and are empowered to boldly choose their dream life. The foundation is an Indian-registered Section 25 non-profit organization (like 501(c)(3) in the U.S.) and is an Unltd Investee. It was founded by Dhruv Gupta. Learn more about him on Stutter Talk

Started in 2014, Speak: Stammering Foundation has collaborated with TISA on the FRIENDS Mumbai Convention and two SLP workshops.



What is stammering?

Stammering (or stuttering) is apparent in about 1% of all people, in India that is more than 12.5 million,  1.25 crore, Indians. Among children, under 14 years, the proportion is higher: ~  5%. It is a developmental disorder and therefore, as children grow up, some children (more girls) recover on their own and the sex ratio changes from 1:1 among children, to 1 women to 4 men, among adults. While not fatal per se, it affects all major dimensions of life: education, professional training, relationships, employment & promotion, and contribution to society. Finally, it leads to “loss of self” - a deep existential suffering, spanning large part of life of many stammerers: Who am I? A stammerer or a normal person? 

Poorly understood and rarely discussed, this particular suffering has often led to mocking, discrimination and media distortions.


A one-year focused intervention starting August 2015 to August 2016. 



While Europe and North America have had many initiatives to support people who stutter, in India this movement has been sluggish, largely due to lack of awareness (that something can be done) and lack of resources. 

Many western countries cover stammering under some disability act but not in India. For example, the U.S.A. has a American Disability Act, which covers any discrimination based on stuttering.  In India, there are more than 12.5 million people who stammer.



A society which understands stammering and related issues and accommodates needs of adults who stammer and children/teens who stammer with sensitivity and equity; 


a community of people who stammer (both women and men) who are capable of helping themselves and are empowered to work towards creation of such a society.


Four objectives
for this one-year, Aug 2015-Aug 2016:

1. Self-Help Groups To initiate and strengthen self-help groups in India.

2. Resources: creation and distribution To create and distribute free (or at cost) resources - one-pagers, books, and videos - for self-help groups, children, parents, teachers and SLPs.

3. Social Events To create and sustain enabling social spaces and structures for young girls/women and boys/men who stammer, and their families.

4. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) To influence and enrich current therapeutic practices in public hospitals.

Activites -> Impact

All activities (indicators, method of verification and impact) will be verified by a third-party - UnLtd India, an incubator for social entrepreneurs. Printing quotes are based on 170 GSM paper from Print Stop, identified as a competitive printing supplier - recycled paper will always be preferred.

1. Self-Help Groups
To initiate and strengthen self-help groups in India.

2. Resources: creation and distribution

To create and distribute free (or at cost) resources - manuals, books, and videos - for self-help groups, children, parents, teachers and SLPs.

Links: Apna Haat Jagannath, Izabella, Seven Stories

3. Social Events 

To create and sustain enabling social spaces and structures for young girls/women and boys/men who stammer, and their families.

4. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs)

To influence and enrich current therapeutic practices in public hospitals. 

5. Support Roles

To support the above activities; Human Resource, Filming/Editing and Legal.

Track Record

Online: Facebook Page/Group, Blog 

SHGs: Blog Entries from SHGs, List of Self-Help Groups around the country

Communication Workshop: Blog entries from Communication Workshops

National Conference/Get Togethers:

1st National Conference/Get Together of TISA at Bhubaneswar, Orissa in 2011

2nd National Conference/Get Together of TISA at Coorg, Banaglore in 2012


3rd National Conference/Get Together of TISA at New Delhi in 2013

4th National Conference/Get Together of TISA at Khandala (near Pune) in 2014

FRIENDS: Convention for Children/Teens who Stammer, Families, SLPs:

Mumbai, May 23-24: Photos on Facebook, Blog Post 1, Blog Post 2 


Women who pause by Times of India

A helping hand to beat speech fright by Times of India

Get Vocal about stammering by Mid-Day 

Self help group for those who stammer by Deccan Herald

No more pauses by The Indian Express

Stammering a genetic disorder: Expert by Times of India

Self-help group for speech problem by The Telegraph 

Streaming Syllables by Outlook India

Golmaal 3 sued! by Hindustan Times

At no loss for words by The Hindu

Stuck in a Stutter? by Live Mint

Podcasts on Stutter Talk


Rs. 320 
Gift 17 Self-Help Manuals
- Gift 17 PWS a copy of the TISA Self-Help Manual (Apna Haath Jagannath).
- It costs 18 rupees to print one copy; Rs. 18 x 17 = Rs. 320
- In it’s 4th version, it has helped thousands of Indian PWS since '09.
- If you want a hard copy, add Rs. 300 for shipping and post a comment with your address.
- Name recognition on and

Rs. 1590 + Shipping
Stammer Freely T-shirt
- Get a Stammer Freely T-shirt. Front: ‘Keep Calm and Stammer Freely’, Back: The Indian Stammering Association Logo.
- Each time you wear this Tee, be inspired by the stammering self-help movement and have a story to share.
- Gift Rs. 1272 to this campaign as cost of printing one t-shirt is Rs. 318
- Name recognition on &
- As seen in campaign video & group photos
- Add Rs. 300 for shipping anywhere
- Size: S, M, L, XL.

Rs. 6300 + Shipping
Stammering Bundle
- Stammer Freely T-Shirt
- Apna Haat Jaganaath, the 4th version of the TISA Self-Help Manual
- Izabella Children’s Book
- Get a shout-out by name in a special video made by TISA members at the National Conference 2015
- Name recognition on &
- Add Rs. 300 for shipping worldwide

Rs. 38100
FRIENDS Convention & SLP WShop
- Sponsor a FRIENDS convention and Post-FRIENDS SLP workshop (Objectives: Social Events: 3B and SLPs: 4A respectively)
- Invitation to the FRIENDS Convention & Recognition in-person
- Get a shout-out by name at a special video at the FRIENDS Convention in India
- Name and photo recognition on &
- Budget Details: Rs. 38100 = ₹38,000 (2 facilitators: travel=₹20,000, room & board (4 days)= ₹8000; Venue=₹10000)

TISA Self-Help Manual - Apna Haat Jaganaath                                          

Izabella Children's Book

Stammer Freely T-Shirt

Front: "Keep Calm and Stammer Freely"

Back: TISA Logo with Transfluencer

Mumbai SHG strutting their Stammer Freely Tees

Blessings from: 

Blessings from:

In alphabetical order


FRIENDS: The National Association of Young People Who Stutter


Hello I Stutter

International Stuttering Association




SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young


Somaiya Vidyavihar    Somaiya Trust  


The Stuttering Foundation

UnLtd India 


Feel free to post a comment with any questions/suggestions.

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14th February 2016

Dear Supporters,

I am Ibrahim, a Milaap Open Fellow in Mumbai. To know more about TISA’s campaign, I attended one their Self-Help Group (SHG) sessions. 8 people including Dhruv Gupta as facilitator attended that session. I joined the session midway when they were playing a round of dumb charades. They invited me to play along with them and I was more than happy to oblige. It was later explained to me by one of the participants that while playing dumb charades, especially when it’s time-bound, they tend to ignore the fact that they stammer. There was a need to guess and churn out the options quickly while their teammate was doing the funny actions and hand signals to help them guess. This induced a sense of urgency and the participants were fully focusing on the moment, in the process, forgetting that they stutter. As I walked back to the Ghatkopar station with them, a participant tells me, “Stammering is a physical disorder, and we’ve accepted that some of us might never be able to get rid of it, but at this SHG, we try to become comfortable with the fact that we stammer”. After all “Haklao magar pyaar se” is their motto.

The facilitators conduct different activities centred on making the PWS (People Who Stammer) comfortable with their speech. Focusing on bad experiences in the past, which were a result of stammering, helps the participants to accept them. “During important moments of our life like interviews, speeches, etc., our mind tends to go back to these memories, which makes us more nervous, causing us to stammer even more”, one of the participants shares with me. Speaking and sharing at this stage helps us prepare for that.

The SHG provides a platform for people from different walks of life who share a common problem to come together and connect. Encouraging people to be at peace with themselves through acceptance and open-ness is their (TISA’s) philosophy, as mentioned in their self-help guide. The supporter’s will be happy to know that the activities being executed by TISA are going strong, including the nation-wide SHGs and their national conferences. Click on the below pictures to access the blogs about their activities in the Self Help Groups.

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