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Sponsor An Orphan Child - Feed|Educate|Love & Care

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“The chance of an education is a chance to escape poverty, to improve health and to enhance opportunities.”

Dear Supporter,

V Save a Life would like to introduce some orphan children whom we met in a campaign of donating education materials.

After the campaign, while we were checking their daily ongoings such as their source for daily food, education and their daily personal requirements, etc., realised that they are in urgent need of support.

At present, this orphanage and its 27 little children get small supports from nearby social workers and the other but, which cannot be a long term solution for them for an year.

Here, V Save a Life wishes to take care this orphanage's and its little children's responsibility for the year of 2017 (From July to 12 months).

This can only be done with the support of each and everyone of you.


V Save a Life Foundation 

Please view our Budget - 2017

  1. Food : Rs.25 | USD 0.39 /Food x 3 times/day x 1 month = Rs.2250 | USD 34.90 /child
  2. Education & Living : Teaching, Caretaker, Education Materials, Other small requirements (Soap, Powder, Paste, etc.), Blanket, Clothing & Medical  = Rs.1000 | USD 15.51 /Child/month  
27 Children/month : Rs. 3250 | USD 50.41 x 27 = Rs. 87750 | USD 1361.20

For 12 months : Rs. 87750 | USD 1361.20 x 12 = Rs. 10,53,000 | USD 16334.45

This orphanage is located in Attappadi, Kerala. In fact, we cannot call this orphanage as so professional because almost all of these kids are from single mothers, alcohol addicted mothers or mentally ill mothers. Some local area doctors and other nearby social workers started first a homage for these children's mothers and cure of these mothers' illness became out of hope. So, later, they thought to take care these mothers' children. Most of them are 100% uneducated so they put an initiation to provide education for these kids. 

Before you help, firstly you must understand about the location and the living of people there. 

This location is globally famous for Malnutrition in children. Most of them are tribals and parents mostly do not care about their children because of the high addiction of alcoholic or other drugs. Most of the girls from these category become unmarried mothers at the age of 12 or in between 15. 

Why we are here? 

V Save a Life as a charitable organisation for children, invested a lot of interest and effort to lift these tribal children from hunger. So that, recently we have attended many food campaigns to provide nutritious foods for these children. We still try to provide more food for them. 

We met these 27 children accidentally as we were in a campaign of gifting education kits. After knowing the situation of these children, we had no other choice other than taking care of them. At present, they get very less helps from people for their daily needs, food, education, medical, etc. 

It will be a blessing movement if you can sponsor some children or even if it is one child.

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