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Planting 1000 Trees in Una, Himachal Pradesh

With help and leadership of my father Mr. R.D. Sohal, we have planted more than 4000 trees in our village in Una (H.P., India) in the last 4 years. We have pledged this year to plant another 1000 trees in early July 2018, right in time with early monsoon season. Following are the key events that we intend to conduct:
1) An awareness event with support from local administration (panchayat) to educate local villagers on benefits of planting trees. Locals will be donated about 300 plants so that they can grow them in their own land.
2) Plant about 700 trees in public places (local cremation ground, pond, around playground etc.) with help of around 50 volunteers.
The raised funds will be spent on following:
1) Buying plants (expected to cost INR 50-INR 100 each; Which is equivalent to USD1 to USD2 each) from local forest department nursery
2) Refreshments & water for volunteers
3) Organic manure
4) Paying a local villager about $40 per month for 6 months to water the plants on a regular basis
I will bear any shortfall of funds that might happen. Any surplus of funds if any, will be invested into planting more trees later in the year.  
I thank my company (Medtronic Inc) for donating 60 t-shirts for volunteers.  Your support will go a long way in raising awareness of local villagers to plant and save trees.
Another picture after planting trees
Another picture after planting trees
Got a JCB machine to dig the pits in rocky land
Got a JCB machine to dig the pits in rocky land
Brought plants from local nursery last year
Brought plants from local nursery last year
Expense list
Expense list
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12th July 2018
Hi All - On behalf of my father and many villagers, I want to wholeheartedly thank you for your support to this plantation drive. I am glad to inform you that we finished our goal of planting 1000 trees last week. Following were some of the key activities that happened in the last 10 days:
  1. Mr. RD Sohal (My father) engaged some local labor and JCB machine to dig holes in the ground. The land in the village is mostly rocky and digging with hands was just not an option. Although, it became a bit easier after the first Monsoon rain. It obviously needed a lot of energy and sweat to lead this work in the hot and humid summer, but by the time I arrived the hardest part was done.  Thanks Dad.
  2. Local horticulture department was engaged and their tips on planting trees successfully were deployed. Local administration (panchayat) members also participated in the activities involved.
  3. Three local nurseries (including the Forest department nursery) were used to procure all plants. The key varieties included Neem, Lime, Galgal (Citrus pseudolimon), Ashoka (Saraca Asoca), Peepal (Ficus religiosa), Banyan & Mango trees. Unlike last time when we planted many Eucalyptus trees, very few (less than 40) of these were planted due to potential impact on water table. These Eucalyptus trees were planted next to the areas where seasonal rain rivers can cause havoc sometimes.
  4. More than 100 tree guards were made by a local carpenter using scrap wood.
  5. Medtronic donated 60 t-shirts were given to all volunteers.
  6. A light meal was served on the final day and plants were also donated to local farmers for them to plant in their own fields.
  7. Social slogans were also painted in prominent places in the village. This generated awareness and excitement among the locals.
  8. Local volunteers were engaged in:
    1. Loading and unloading of plants to trucks/car and to places of plantation.
    2. Digging holes in the ground
    3. Carrying tree guards to target places
    4. Installing tree guards in ground
    5. Bringing utensils from local temple to serve refreshments to volunteers
    6. Serving snacks and washing utensils
    7. Cleaning-up the weeds in some places to clear place for plants
Following is a summary of all the expenses involved:
Expenses on Plantation 2018
1. Compost /manure: Rs. 8,250
2. Soil: Rs. 8,400
3. JCB: Rs. 6,400
4. Tools/Tackles: Rs. 2,500
5. Laborers: Rs. 9,100
6.Plant Guards: Rs. 7,000
7.Plants purchased: Rs.38,500
8. Banners/Boards:. Rs.10,800
9. Refreshments:. Rs. 1,600
10.Groceries for refreshment: Rs. 3,300
11.Cooks Rs. 3,000
Total:. Rs. 98,850
Thanks again for your support. We will continue to plant trees on an ongoing basis. We will do a similar but bigger event in about 2 years from now. Stay healthy and plant a tree whenever and wherever you can!

23rd June 2018
Sorry folks - please ignore the last update on funding. It is confusing and was not intended to be published. It was meant to let admin know of the reasons for withdrawing funds. I have enough funding for this event and no more funds are needed. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for all the support.
21st June 2018
I got enough funding to launch this project.  Hence I would like to close the fundraiser.  IN order to plant 1000 trees, various expenses need to take place now (buying manure, digging holes, labor, buying saplings etc.).  Hence I need funds now.
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