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Shirin Dalvi, once India’s only Urdu woman editor, working for popular Urdu daily Avadhnama, is now jobless, under attack from religious fundamentalist and struggling to make ends meet. Her crime? Doing her job as an editor and reporting on a story covering the Charlie Hedbo magazine in January 2015. An error of printing Charlie Hedbo’s controversial cartoon from 2006 resulted in Avadhnama distancing themselves, multiple court cases, constant harassment and trauma.

18 months later, no Urdu publication is willing to hire Shirin despite her 27 years worth of experience as an accomplished journalist. One cartoon has cost Shirin not just her career, health and individuality, but also the peace and security of her children. To regain her dignity, honor and her right to provide for her children as a single mother, Shirin now wants to start an e-paper in Urdu.

This newspaper will enable Shirin to kickstart a new phase in her life and give her the strength to continue her fight for freedom of expression. Your contribution will allow her to set up ‘Urdu News Express’ and help her get back on her feet.

No one deserves the trauma she went through for doing her job as a dedicated media person. Shirin has been fighting a lonely battle, as a journalist, as a single mother and as a woman in our male dominated media sector. 

Every single rupee contributed towards ‘Urdu News Express’ is a step forward in the right direction. Your timely support will let her know that she’s not alone in her fight. 

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29th March 2017
Dear Supporters,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have shown to Shirin Dalvi ji in the past year. Your contributions have been reaching her per her requests. As of today, every penny raised on Milaap was transferred and it has helped Shirin reach the masses with her work

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that the 'Urdu News Express' is now live! It has been delivering the news aligned with Shirin's vision of honest and real journalism. Here is the link of the portal -

Please do like and share Urdu News Express. Once again, we thank you for your support. Your timely support was proof enough that she’s not alone in her fight! 
13th September 2016
Due to multiple questions about the direction and vision of the newspaper, Here are some words from Shirin Dalvi about the same(translated from Hindi):

Urdu language is an Indian language and it is spoken and understood , from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Because it is written right to left, there have been attempts to adapt this to Devanagari, but Urdu is beautiful in itself. Even though there are lot of newspapers and magazines in Urdu, there seems to be a void which is not being filled. It is the duty of a Newspaper to get the real news to its readers, to inform them of the impact of news, to transform the readers’ way of thinking, to help keep pace with the electronic media in the world, to wipe out the hate spread in the name of religion, to bring people closer. Media should never become an instrument to spread religion. Also, women need a platform so they can speak about their issues and talk about their rights. The newspaper’s policy should be a policy of truth. Without verifying information, no news should be put out as is happening nowadays. News is being distorted in order to sensationalize it. And Tabloids are becoming more common, which often misleads the reader. We will take care of these things especially because this is what real journalism is.                          
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A token sum to ensure the lady who dared to speak the truth, needs to know she is not alone in this fight.

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almost 2 years ago

Salute your courage! Good luck with this noble endeavor. :-)

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Wishing you success. :)

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