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"My parents told the doctor to go ahead and amputate both legs and a hand. Their son would be alive, and that's all they wanted."

18 year old Shek has had to undergo more than his fair share of hardships. Despite these, he is positive and has an energetic outlook on life.

7 year old Shek was playing on his terrace one day when he touched a live wire with his bare hand. He happened to be standing in a pool of water at the same time. The resulting electric shock was strong.

His parents rushed him to the hispital. Doctors there examined him and recommended that the only way to save his life was to amputate both legs and an arm.

He says that his parents did not tell him at the beginning as they did not want him to be depressed. Shek was in the hospital for two months and the resulting medical bills cost the family nearly Rs 10 lakhs. Shek was in Class 2 at the time.

Life after the accident:

Shek went back to school. His school was very encouraging. He is now in college, and says that his friends are his support system. They take him to college everyday, and are patient and include him for outings with the group.

Passion for music:

Shek was always interested in music. But after the accident, he became passionate about it- it helped him cope with the trauma. His favourite artist is rapper Bohemia- who raps about his life and the struggles he has had to undergo. 

Over the last three years, Shek has given 10-12 performances. He raps about his life, and how he has overcome his troubles. He wants to let people know that he can they can battle against their worries, and win.

What is he fundraising for?

Shek has a wheelchair, but it is the basic model and he cannot use it with ease outside his home. He is fundraising to buy a wheelchair that will enable him to move confidently outside his home.

Shek has a story to tell, and he hopes to be able to rap it to the world. Support this brave teenager's attempt to move about comfortably!
These are wheel chair details
These are wheel chair details
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5th June 2017
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All the best for your music career, brother! Let ur raps touch millions of hearts!

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You are an inspiration, keep continuing what you do. All the very best Hero.

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My mom had her wheelchair given to her by a friend out of love. That's why. Simply