Help Jasper rescue people left to die on Hyderabad roads

My name is Jasper Paul, a social activist who started a mission to provide medical care and a safe haven to the destitute and roadside abandoned. In the month of March, 2017, I founded an organisation called "'The Second Chance'. So far we have rescued more than 70 people in the last 1 year. I personally 3 years in the field have rescued close to about 300 people.

My current mission of rescuing and rehabilitating the destitute is being operated from two centers based in Hyderabad. Our main branch which is in Sainikpuri can accommodate about 10-15 sick and dying people and has basic medical facilities. Our second center is more of a rehabilitation home located in Ghatkesar which is slightly on the outskirts of the city and can accommodate about 50 people. We want to expand more because more and more people are being rescued and we have a place constraint. We have 2 more centers coming up in the city.

Monthly expenses-
1. Sainikpuri-
Rent- 15,000
Electricity bill- 5000
Water- 2000
Milk- 2000
Groceries- 25,000
Medicines- 30,000
Miscellaneous(Travel, Diesel)- 15,000
Internet- 1500
Salaries- 10,000 x 2= 20,000

2. Ghatkesar-
Rent- 20,000
Electricity Bill- 5000
Water- 3000
Milk- 4000
Groceries- 30,000
Medicines- 15,000
Diesel and travel- 10,000
Internet- 1500
Salaries- 10,000 x 2= 20,000

Total- 224,000/- for 2 Centers. We are building  up a third center and we would utilize the funds coming from this campaign to do structure the project.

Apart from this, we take people to hospital for regular check-ups, diagnostics, surgeries etc. and the total expense for that comes up to around 50,000/- per month. This includes the payment of travel charges and also staff salaries.
We at second chance strive to give quality medical attention to those who are sick.

Please do support us generously with your generous giving. Help us to get a place of our own as we can stop paying rents or help us fulfill these costs for atleast few months so that our mission runs smoothly without shortage. Your support is highly appreciated.
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5th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for contributing towards our monthly expenses. We are happy to tell you that we have officially opened our third rescue home and that home which is in keesara is housing about 25 old residents. We are overall serving a total number of 70+ people across three centers in the city.

The funds we are withdrawing in this campaign now is going to be used to cover our monthly charges such as rents, salaries etc.
1. Sainikpuri rent- 15000
2. Ghatkesar rent- 20000
3. Keesara rent- 10000
4. Salaries- 20,000

We thank you for your continuous support and we hope you will help us share this campaign and help us reach our Target amount!
God bless you,
Jasper Paul
Founder- The Second Chance 
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