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Help Raghav Fight This Blood Disease And Stay Alive

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My name is Nipul. I work in a salon. This appeal is seek support for my son, Raghav, who is waiting for a bone marrow transplant. He is suffering from Thalassemia. He was on blood transfusion since he was 7 months old. Now he is taking blood transfusions once every month. He will undergo the transplant in Apollo, Ahmedabad. The estimation for the transplant is 12 lakhs. Seeking your support so he can undergo transplant on time.

Raghav was diagnosed with Thalassemia when was just 6 months old. He managed with blood transfusion till now but as days go by his life in danger. Fortunately, our elder son who is 7 years old is a complete match to donate stem cells for Raghav's transplant. We are in need of 15 to 17 lakhs for the transplant. This is huge amount for us. My friends and relatives helped me keep my son alive till now. But now this is a big challenged which lies between us and our son's survival.

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Your contribution would add to the funds for Raghav's transplant. I will be forever grateful for your support. Do make a contribution and help my son.

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13th October 2016
Dear Supporters, 

Your support and encouragement has been of great comfort to Raghav’s family.  When they were left with no option to treat their son, your support gave them hope. Doctors were hopeful that if he undergoes treatment as planned, he can completely recover. Everything was going as planned but it was not to be.

We inform you with a heavy heart that Raghav passed away last month. He caught dengue, which, escalated his already existing condition and caused his demise in only 15 hours.  

Understandably, his family is in distress and require time and space to recuperate from this tragic loss. 

Raghav's father, Nipul, has personally expressed his deepest gratitude for all the support given to his son. 

He says, "I cannot express the loss I feel currently because we are all in a state of shock. We were confident that he will be better once his transplant is done. But it appears that God had other plans. We thank everyone who cared for Raghav's well being and supported him and urge them to continue to support other children, so that no other parent has to go through what we did."

We will keep you posted about the utilisation of funds shortly.

Thank you. 

Team Milaap

2nd August 2016
Dear Supporters and Friends,

Raghav’s father has visited the doctors at Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad and has been informed that the expenditure is likely to increase and cross the estimated amount. They have advised him to schedule the transplant in September. 

The family is trying to make ends meet and stay positive through the situation.

Raghav with his brother, Jenil, his mother, Falguni, and his father, Nipul

Raghav is very boisterous, just like his brother, who is the donor for the transplant. Both of them are disappointed that they’ll have to miss school for the duration of the transplant but were happy to know that their friends and teachers have promised to visit them from time to time. It was heartwarming to hear that unlike most children his age, Raghav tries  to keep the morale high in his family and puts up a brave front during blood transfusions to prevent his mother from breaking down. 

(L-R) Raghav and his elder brother, Jenil, the donor
Raghav’s father is trying hard to source more funds for the transplant and has requested for more support. 

We will update you on further developments. 

Thank you. 

Team Milaap
18th July 2016
Dear Supporter,
We have an update on Raghav's treatment.

Raghav is not admitted to the hospital yet. But he is coming to the hospital for regular blood transfusions. His 7-year-old brother is a matched donor for his transplant. We had a conversation with the coordinator from the hospital who is in touch with Raghav's family. The family will be able to get Raghav admitted when they have the required amount for the transplant. Until then, Raghav needs to be on blood transfusions.

Raghav's father has requested for more support. He is trying his best to arrange for funds but will need support to raise the full amount.

We will keep you posted on his progress.

Thank you.
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Sriniwas donated Rs.2,500
over 1 year ago

God bless. Get well soon.

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Get well soon.

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over 1 year ago

Raghav i see a fighter in you, you will get well soon

Obul donated Rs.500
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May God Bless You.

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May God Bless

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Raghav get well soon, god bless u