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Help Us Save Parrots
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Why Save Parrots

“Parrots are not pets like dogs or cats. They belong in the wild. Caging them is illegal”

People love parrots. They are some of the most charismatic, adaptable and intelligent of all animals. They live in a range of environments on nearly every continent, from snow-capped peaks to humid rainforests to arid deserts. Like people, many parrots live in complex social structures, choose mates for life, and live for lifespans equal to or exceeding our own. We identify with them, admire their beauty and diversity.

Our admiration of these bewitching birds comes at a price: thousands of parrots are trapped every year to be sold into the pet trade, with more than half dying before export from their range countries. This and habitat loss are the main reasons parrots are the most endangered group of birds on earth, with one in three species currently at risk of extinction in the wild.
As a result of this unsustainable trade, silent forests remain, devoid of the grandeur and spectacle of these amazing creatures, and the ecological impacts from their removal remain largely unknown.

Their great popularity means that we keep millions of them as companions.  A fortunate few enjoy long, rich and fulfilling lives receiving optimal care from well-informed and compassionate caregivers. Some however suffer from a lack of understanding of their needs and live short, miserable lives.
It is for these reasons that our focus is:  
Saving wild parrots from extinction and ensuring optimal care for companion parrots.

How we planned to do it
1. Run awareness campaign to educate people not to enslave them.
2. Increase awareness to take case of older parrots who are already enslaved.
3. Educate people to take avoid activities which endangered parrots.
4. Speard awareness in social media on endangered species of parrots
5. Spread awareness campain in schoools to educate childrens about importance of parrots in our environment
6. work with biologist to increase their population of endangered species of parrots
7. train the enslaved parrots to fly before releasing them

"If we save the parrots we might yet save ourselves,"

so we have made the whole action plan for the next one year .

ActivityTimelineTaskTask DetailsFrequencyBudgets
NGO1 st Jan - 28 Feb 2019NGO RegistrationRegister a NGO , "Save Parrot"One time10000
Awareness Campainwhole 2019In Schools & CollegesEducate children in schools & colleges about the preservation of parrots and raise awareness about themMonthly100000
Street PlaysOrganize street plays in various parts of NCR to raise awareness about Parrots and their decreasing population due to pollution and enslavement. Weekly50000
Social MediaRun social media campaign , Facebook and Twitter campaign to increase awareness about parrots and to engage more people in our cause. Daily10000
Artifactswhole 2019T-ShirtsFunds use to made to make T-Shits , Mugs  & Posters and gifted to various celebrities to endorse with them to raise awareness for our social cause. Also then sale of this merchandise will help us in becaming self sustainnable in our cause so that we dont have to be dependant on donation10050000
Conservation1 april - 30 sep 2019BreedingPartner with retired veterinarians and birds doctors to run a part time clinic for parrots so that the parrots can receive health case in need. 100000100000
Create small bird habitats200000300000
Research1 march - 30 aprilBooksPurchase some books to gain more information about the endangered species of Parrots and lend them to our core team members to make content for our social media campaign and street plays1000010000
Seminar & Talk shows on TVOrganize yearly seminar for Parrots and and also participate talk shows on Parrots100000100000
Trip to bird Century Organize trips for core team members to bird century to increase knowledge in our group1000010000

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