13-year-old Mujeeb is in a critical state in the ICU

For the last 3 days 13-year-old Mohammed Mujeeb has been suffering from Dengue and is in a very critical state in the ICU.

 The infection is spreading rapidly and has now caused both Mujeeb's kidney and his liver to fail. He is in an unconscious state in the ICU on ventilator support.

Mujeeb has developed multiple-organ failure because of dengue. He needs breathing support, dialysis and blood transfusions. With treatment, he has a very good chance of getting better. 

He will require further treatment and life support in the ICU for the next few weeks and needs to be monitored closely. The total cost of the treatment is amounting to around 15 lakhs.

Unfortunately, Mujeeb's father, Yakhub, is a bus conductor and does not have the funds to pay for his treatment. He is worried that without the treatment he will lose his son.
Mujeeb was a happy and active child before he became sick 

“I am an RTC conductor in Hyderabad. I earn only Rs 15,000 and I have spent everything we had on treatment till now. The doctors have told us that Mujeeb will get better if his condition is monitored but if I don't get money, my situation will be the reason my son doesn't get better,” Yakhub says.

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Mujeeb's father Yakub needs help to save his son. Your contribution can give Mujeeb the timely treatment that will save him.

Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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1st December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Mujeeb.
Mujeeb had Severe Dengue fever and  MultiOrgan Dysfunction. He was on high Ventilator settings. He had undergone FOUR days CRRT for MODS and Hyperferritinemia and received steroids for HLH (confirmed by Bone Marrow).
Later on, he developed Pyogenic (Acinetobacter app)  meningitis and ventriculitis and hydrocephalus. Right EVD was placed to drain CSF and give infra ventricular antibiotics.

Currently, he is doing very well. He is able to walk and talk normally.He has recovered completely from fever.
The doctors are planning to repeat ventricular tap on 7th December and of the CSF is normal, to remove the EVD.

Kudos to the wonderful PICU team of Doctors and nurses.Financial help from Milaap was crucial in this positive outcome.

Thank you for your support and love for Mujeeb.
Dr Shaikh Farhan A Rashid
Head of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

10th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Mujeeb
Mujeeb has successfully undergone the surgery to drain the infected fluid from the brain (Ventriculostomy) and now is on the path to recovery.

His infection of the nervous system will require a course of injectable antibiotics over next 3 weeks and the likely cost of the high-end antibiotics will be around 2-3 lakh rupees over next 4 weeks.Financial help in this last phase of his treatment is crucial to get him discharged to home in the healthy state.

Thank you for your support and love extended. Please keep him in your prayers.

Dr Shaikh Farhan A Rashid
Head of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
6th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Mujeeb.
Mujeeb is slowly recovering from the multi-organ failure.
During the course of his recovery, he has been diagnosed with severe form of meningitis (infection of the coverings of his brain) with Hydrocephalus (accumulation of fluid in his brain the ventricular system).

Mujeeb is undergoing a surgery on 7th November to remove the infected cerebrospinal fluid from his brain. The surgery is being done by the Neurosurgeon.
After the surgery, the infected fluid will be easily drained out of his brain and directed administration of antibiotics will be possible into the brain spaces. This will allow faster recovery from the infection and increases the hope for the preservation of brain functions.

He is likely to stay in the hospital for another 7-10 days after the surgery.

Thank you for your support and love.
Dr Shaikh Farhan A Rashid
Head of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
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