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Help Us Save Lalbagh And Make Bengaluru Cleaner And Greener.
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Need Rs.10,00,000
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    Ram Kumar B K

    from Bangalore, Karnataka

SAVE LALBAGH- A Campaign to save some beautiful trees, Wildlife, people and ban Garbabe inside our Indian Asset- the only Botanical Garden.

Estimate 10 lakhs and expenditure plans:

50*1000 (50K) salary to manual labours as a one day salary towards clearing up 20 Acres of big Garbage mess behind Kempegowda Towers. We"ll also cover other minor areas in between. Lalbagh is 240 Acres in total.

50 K towards materials, transportation to send out the garbage, and others.

50 K towards lawyer fees and proceedings. We are going to send legal notices to Lalbagh Management to stop anti social elements/activities in Lalbagh under IPC sections covering environment issues. This is a professional legal dispute.

300000: GPS enabled iOS/Android App, and website development to cover every Lalbagh tree, and Lalbagh Glory. I'm quoting less because I am thinking about cost cutting being an IT professional myself.

3lakhs towards implementation of security devices: Metal detectors/ Face Detectors/ID proof capture, and many other innovative programs that can eliminate anti social activities to increase safety to nearly 1000 walkers on a daily basis.

1 Lakh towards Animal/Wild Rescue. You have nearly 50-60 dogs that need help in terms of medicine/food etc. These friendly dogs can be used to safeguard Sandalwood trees instead of relocating them.

1.5 Lakhs would be utilized to create awareness programs and conduct educational/scientific events to promote waste management, gardening, photography, art, and nature related topics to benefit larger masses/audience.

(A project by a Bangalorean-Ram Kumar B K, +91-8884833878)


Trees at Risk:
  • Illegal cutting of trees, has photo/videos evidences to prove. Not sure who is behind this
  • Management has tied up with timber traders - Assumption
  • Ram has spoken to some of the guards, who also spoke of an ambulance that was brought in to smuggle out a sandalwood tree. 
  • Ram has photos of trees that were cut and transported out in a truck. He contacted a media person who later did not publish the story. The assumption is he might have been paid off, pressured or withheld the story
  • Vendors selling food items, juices, etc are present within the premises and contributing to garbage disposal within the park
  • Garbage is burnt in the morning till evening. This is being done by the management and/or with the knowledge of the management. Photos and Videos available

Wildlife at Risk:  
  • Eagles at risk due to fumes and compromised water sources
  • Habitat is compromised for monkeys who lived on trees
  • Pigeons, Eagles, Snakes, Crows, and other migrated birds are getting extinct because of the pollution level and fire! 
People at Risk:
  • As far as we know, nobody has made much effort to address the issue
  • Affected by reduced green cover and burning of garbage
  • Lack of security in Lalbagh. 100's of Whiskey/Beer bottles, etc seen inside Lalbagh. Proof Available
Ideal Solution:  
  • Trees and wildlife are regularly audited and measures are taken to protect these
  • Security and vigilance measures are introduced, increased, improved, and implemented
  • Regular public reporting on the state of the park
  • Checking of garbage disposal inside and around the park
Stake Holder who have a role to play in the Save Lalbagh Campaign!

Public, Lalbagh Management, BBMP Commissioner, Bangalore Police Department, Environmental Ministers, Horticulture Ministers, Animal Rescuers, Nature lovers, and probably every responsible Bangalorean citizens!

Results after Save Lalbagh Campaign in 2016: 10% (Garbage burning, Alcohol bottles dumping reduced due to Media Pressure. But there are bigger tasks pending)

Action plans: Collect funds from public to actually "Save Lalbagh", 10 lakhs is a very small amount to save those big trees, wildlife, some pets (dogs), and provide security to public.

But the instincts, and intelligence should help me better utilize 10 lakhs to give accountability for every single rupee spent being transparent. This is also a beautiful challenge to educate public, governance, and judiciary to hire socio responsible, and environmentalists in protecting beautiful gardens across nations.

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