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My Story:
My grandfather was a professor, the son of someone who was fondly christened “Masterji” in the village. This is his legacy and it makes me very proud to be carrying his name after mine. This man who shaped the history of my family, died long before I was born. 

But what he has left behind motivates not just us, his family, but also all his students. I have met so many of them and each one has a story to tell me about this person I never met; how my grandfather’s words had an impact on them making them better versions of themselves.

I grew up listening to these tales, imagining what it would be like to have him around, advising me and encouraging me. I have thought long and hard about what he would have said I should do and in a way, my life is a search for the choices a wise educationist like my grandfather would recommend. 

In the last 9 years, I have studied and worked in clinical and educational psychology. I have been working as a school psychologist the past three years. My time in the school has taught me many things – the biggest lesson being – if the children are like potter’s earth, we are not only the potters but the moulds too. 

I have come to see that we grown-ups are not only shaping their behavior by lecturing or teaching them the right thing but by doing the right things ourselves and setting an example.

This understanding makes me want to learn more. I want to be a good person (a role model for my students) but also a good student who doesn't shy away from learning new things. 

I am ready to express this passion in an overseas educational experience that will help me to learn firsthand about my interests.

And I am one step closer to achieving that.

I submitted my applications and the University of Edinburgh is offering me admission to the course MSc Children and Young People's Mental Health and Psychological Practice and Nottingham Trent University is offering me admission to the course MSc Child Development.

Why this course?
Because I find life’s intricacy so amazing, psychology and its related branches are the most enjoyable topics for me. The children interest me the most, who – with their uniqueness and potential show us traits that I admire and hope to embody.

These courses will provide me with an outstanding opportunity to help children as I develop the utmost understanding of child psychology. Understanding emotions and mental problems from their source, I’d like to help children overcome barriers, allowing them to achieve the highest possible quality of life. I hope to help children in a greater capacity in the future.

Upon completion, my interest lies in working with pediatric and adolescent populations within the field of psychology.

Why do I need the support:

As you can imagine, embarking on this journey depends upon financial support. I come from a middle class family. My father, a retired army officer and my mother, both are artists. They both value education above all else but they cannot assist my higher studies. Having mostly gained training by volunteering for social causes, I have had a small run working and I have not been able to raise sufficient savings thus. Despite having received a tuition waiver, it isn’t enough.

I strongly believe that my academic and work experience have now prepared me to engage in the process of polishing my skills. I know I will be able to accomplish that through this course. I strive to become an effective school psychologist who uses practical and theoretical knowledge in working with students.

I promise:

To answer any questions you may have concerning my academic achievements, extracurricular activities, or reasons for studying abroad. I believe I can explain how your investment would help you steer someone’s future that is committed to make a difference to the world.
To keep you updated with my progress, researches and grades at the university.
That the funds raised through this campaign will only be utilized for my education.

The weaving of that dream into reality has only begun. I genuinely believe in shaping a better future by being better equipped to nurture young minds. With your contribution and the opportunity that the universities have to offer, I am certain that I would utilise every one; becoming not only an active member but inspiring others to weave dreams like I have dared.
This is a lifetime opportunity that I am extremely excited sharing with you and I hope you can help me reach my goal. Any amount that you would be able to contribute to make this experience happen will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much!


Offer Letter from The University of Edinburgh
Offer Letter from The University of Edinburgh
Offer Letter from the Nottingham Trent University
Offer Letter from the Nottingham Trent University
Resume - Sakhi Semant Harish
Resume - Sakhi Semant Harish
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1st June 2017
Dear Supporters,

I just opened the mail and found the generous donations!! Although anonymous it still feels great to know that someone believes in my cause!
Thank you for the great start! 
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