Save the Pup!

I am on a spiritual  retreat living in an Ashram in India.
I am helping here, I have been here for the last 10 weeks on and off.

About when I came here this sweet dog had given birth to four little puppies. Seven weeks ago one of them got hurt really bad. I noticed it right before I had to go on a trip for a couple of weeks.

When I came back I noticed that the puppies foot had healed all wrong as you will be able to see on the video.
I called some animal loving organizations to help, but none of them has made it here so far.

Over the last week I heard the puppy screaming every night, because of pain and because the mother dog started refusing to breast feed it.
The other three puppies have grown strong but this little friend is just suffering and not able to blossom.

We have been waiting for help, so far without any luck. We are reaching out to everyone for help.

The dog needs surgery, the bone needs to be re-broken, set correctly, be put in a cast and cared for by a vet in an in-patient facility for several weeks.  Then we will reunite the doggie with it's family.

We have not named the pup but where thinking to have the greatest donor choose a name. The puppy is a boy.

Any amount will help. Thank you in advance.

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25th May 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

Billy Elliot is still in the clinic and will remain there for several weeks. There are several veterinary medical students taking care of him. Seems like they have started to love him and he is part of the crew there now. Once his treatment is finished they will find a home for him there in the city where the clinic is. It seems like he will be left with a limb but be able to use his fourth leg. Billy won’t dance like a superstar anymore but at least he will dance.

Thanks again for all your help making this happen.
Thank you so much for your support!
10th May 2018
Hey Everybody,

I have great news since we thought the pups leg will have to be amputated. After an Odyssee of going to a bunch of vets and a 6 hour trip today, first to the city, then to a medical clinic another hour away the pup got saved today.

Billy Elliot (so his name) will likely dance again. It will be an up to 10 week process though where he will have to wear different casts to correct his leg again.

Thank you for the wonderful support. Will keep you posted. 
7th May 2018
Dear supporters,

The doctor we went to, refused to re-break the bone, he said it has already grown together 7 weeks ago and it is too late, there is nothing he can do.


Don't worry we are searching for a doctor who can help, we have been driving around all day. More tomorrow!!!

Keep supporting us!
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