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Help Usha Save Her Father

This is the story of Usha, a 28 year old, mother of two small daughters who works as a house maid to earn her bread and butter.
She was barely able to meet ends meet when her father fell critically ill and had to be admitted in Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida and had to undergo an emergency Tracheotomy to save his life! He has growth all around his throat which is making it extremely difficult for him to breathe. Doctors suspect cancer and want to run a few more tests which are brutally expensive and unaffordable by Usha.
Shocked, bewildered, scared and broke with 3 days bills of MICU she tried calling her elder brothers for help, who flat out refused!

They said that the old man is already 78 and doesn't have much to live. Why should we waste our hard earned money to save him? They asked the doctors to take off the patient from the ventilator and discharge against expert advise of the treating surgeons.

Usha, however, despite being poor, in spite of being outvoted, threatened by brothers, stood her grounds and stopped the discharge from happening, saving her fathers life.

The MICU charges are in thousands every day. She earns a meager 9500 every month. She has two small girls who go to school. She has already exhausted her savings in last 5 days.  She has nowhere to go. No one to ask for help.

If her old father is discharged now, he might not live.

I am trying to arrange funds for Usha's father's treatment with the help of Sophie Memorial Trust.  But we alone can't do it.

I urge all of you to come forward and help Usha in saving her 78 year old father, who was banished by his son's in his old age.

The ICU charges are hefty, treatment expensive and Usha alone in this entire world.

And I remember an old saying, "Not for ourselves alone!"
So lets join hands and help a poor but hardworking daughter save her creator's life.

Latest Bill From Sharda Hospital - 2
Latest Bill From Sharda Hospital - 2
Latest Bill From Sharda Hospital - 1
Latest  Bill From Sharda Hospital - 1
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13th October 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Usha's father.
Usha's father had been diagnosed with third stage of cancer. Currently, he has been discharged from the hospital and has been referred to the cancer Research Institute to start off with the radiotherapy treatment.

There is cancerous skin growth on his throat that has to be treated. He is under medication and is taking artificial respiration.

Thank you for your support and love. We will keep you posted on the progress.
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