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Please support to help Chennai Slums.
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Need Rs.1,40,000
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Dear Friends,

We are a team of friends from various places coordinating relief work for Chennai , Tiruvallur Districts in Tamil Nadu. In the past two weeks my home state of Tamil Nadu has been beaten down on by torrential rains and this has resulted in some of the worst flooding they have seen in almost a decade. My home city, Chennai is reeling under this disaster and is partially submerged in many areas where my family and friends live. They say they haven't had rains and floods like this in 100 years. The city is at a stand still.

There are many slum community that lives on the banks of the Coovum River, Adyar River in Chennai. The river is really a large open sewage system. Despite their poverty, the people of this community are some of the most loving and giving people I have ever met. Because of the floods they have lost about 100 homes and all their belongings.

Here are a list of needs they are asking for:

100 Bedsheets(Rs.150 each) total Rs.15000

170 Bath Soap big size(2/family) Rs.5200

100 Sugar(1 Kg) Rs.3600

100 Tooth Paste(100gm) Rs.4200

100 Hair Oil(100 ml) Rs.3400

Rice-5Kg total 500 Kilo Rs.20000

100 Cooking Oil-1 Litre Rs. 6000

100 Cooking Materials Rs.10000

100 Bread and Butter(set) Rs.7000

40 Pkts. Sanitary Napkins Rs.12000

50 Pkts. Diapers for infants Rs.27,500

Medical Emergency Fund - Rs 20,000

This totals to about 1,33,900 Rupees which is roughly 2231$. Our heart is to be able to help them with any immediate needs. We promise each one of you that your funds will be used exclusively for these causes and not for any of our personal expenses. Our heart is for the people and to able to give them as much as possible. We are so incredibly thankful and blessed that the Lord has placed us in a commmunity that has a heart to give and serve and we only want to reflect that love across the nations.

Thank you all very much.

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