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Rewopme -A foodtruck for the poor
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Need Rs.10,00,000
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We are a startup or NGO (not yet decided) enabling the exchange of excess food from the food industry to those who need it most. Home, restaurants, cafeterias, and caterers donate excess food on where local aid groups can secure it before they pick up and deliver it to those who benefit.
We will be mainly on wheels i.e. “FoodTruck” for the “Poor” serving all over the city to contribute our services for feeding the tummies which haven’t tasted the rich. Well our prices will be ranging from Rs.5 till Rs.10!  This range will be that curve on the poor face called smile!.

How does Rewopme work?
It's really quite simple. Houses, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and grocery stores donate excess food to our team of lovely smile makers VOLUNTEERS. Aid group organizations, who have already been vetted for authenticity, can see what is available locally and confirm with transactions online to secure food and serve with us accordingly. The FoodTruck access is based on poverty of a location. The organizations are responsible for all transportation and food handling.

Why it works?
There has always been a number of concerns over excess food programs. Until now, there has been no efficient way for groups that have excess food to donate to the millions of hungry Indians. Rewopme addresses these concerns:

Concern Addressed
Don't know who needs
Raises awareness of hunger in communities by using the web and social media
Don't know if they are genuine
Only legitimate charities will be able to access information
Businesses have no incentive to donate
Social Media increases visibility of the issue
Aid groups access information based on location
minimizes shipping costs
Aid groups will glean excess crop and pay for transportation
Liability fears
Educate about Good Samaritan Law

Who are The Rewopme Team? (Volunteers)
The common people who have filled with motives to help the poor, who also work hard on the other side to win a bread for their family’s hunger but life will be interesting when we live our dream life and yeah! We have planned this initiative to add some meaning to their lives and I should back them for being with us!

How to donate food?
  1. Please pack fresh food it might be vegetarian or non-vegetarian and don’t stick any kind of stickers on the container
  2. If you’re packing any kind of liquid food (raitha/side dishes) please do inform the volunteers before donating and use of plastic covers is strictly prohibited.
  3. If you are in need of containers, we shall provide you before a day of donations. Please ensure to pack the food in these boxes only.
  4. The donor form needs to be filled before the volunteers collect the food. For those who are unable to do it online, a physical form will be provided.
  5. The food needs to be ready by 11:00 AM (max). This will help us distribute the food on time.
  6. Take pride in being a donor. You make Rewopme possible.
  7. The food which is donated is for selling to so keep an eye on the quality of food
Why are we selling it rather distributing it?
When a person is called poor it means he/she has been living a life different from common people and also the richness and poorness is compared in the ratio of him/her having money or a family to recognize. Well distributing food which is for free and here comes again the question of prestige! That he don’t have money to afford food so he is still called poor. But when he buys it he/she will be happy and also they get a feeling that even they can lead life like other, even they have money!

Why a FoodTruck?
We should always be on wheels as there are plenty of mouths waiting with hunger so we need to be quick as possible and having a store or shop established is quite difficult to manage. Who will drive it? Who will look after it well these questions has only one word answer it’s the volunteers!.

Rewopme has the ambitious goal of eliminating food waste and helping to feed everyone in the country who is hungry. This can only be accomplished with help from volunteers. There are various ways that you can help us. One way is to recruit or request for tie-up with restaurants to sign up for the program. Another way is to collect food from domestic donors and transfer them to Rewopme working to feed hungry people. We can send you materials to help you sign up restaurants as well as information on farms where you might be able to glean for excess food. The above mentioned works are few but we are looking wide range of works from you but you should be filled with motives to help poor.
Roles we are looking for:
  • Food Experts
  • Bike lovers
  • Public speakers who are daring
  • Web developers
  • Business developers
  • Photographers
  • Driver with perfect license
  • Much more to be added on the list
Guidelines for Volunteers
Please respect time and consider traffic while calculating time to destination. It is important for each and every activity as a volunteer.
Please fill in the volunteer form and help us connect with you better.
Please know your donor and volunteer coordinators for the respective locations and have their contact numbers handy.
Please be sure of your drive location.
Kindly refrain from the following:
Clicking pictures during the distribution process
Talking about money or trying to promote anything/anyone.
Distributing food packets in places that are not specified by us
Enjoy each and every activity and please be humble. Your smile is of great importance to these special ones.
Be supportive and also suggest your ideas on the agenda planned by us
Raising funds or if yourself want to donate some funds, should first contact the initiative head for discussions
This is not a job so if you’re expecting some salary this is not the right place to volunteer but goodies will be given  
Age has no bounds but act as your age, be a young hot blood always

How will the funds will be utilized?
1. We will be building the foodtruck by the funds
2. We need to market the food for the poor. So the funds will also be used for it
3. We need to buy inventory! 

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