Empower Artisans of Bengal Break Free from Poverty & Exploitation.

Sanjay is an ardent Artlover,his passion for handicrafts and handloom took him to many remote Villages of Bengal where he witnessed skilled craftsmen starving because there was not platform for them to sell their extraordinary Artwork as created without being exploited and heckled to death by middlemen.

He quit his successful IT Career In 2013 and established rangamaati handicrafts Pvt Ltd ,dedicated toward promoting & empowering exploited Handicrafts & Handloom Artisans of Bengal by providing an eCommerce platform [ www.rangamaati.com] to sell their artwork at Fair Price .
 rangamaati is working with underprivileged and below poverty line  Artists and Crafts Women from Tribal /Remote Villages, not only their children are suffering from Malnutrition, Lack of Education, proper Sanitation and a healthy life but to a large extend being deprived of Basic Human rights and Social recognition. 

We welcome You to the World of Artisans from distant Villages of Bengal as they struggle against Poverty,together let us HELP them go through the phenomenal change to transform their Life re - creating the generations Old Magical Artwork and as they Starts Living with Dignity and Self Respect with Your Hand Holding....
rangamaati today faces a huge Financial crisis implementing and working on these big projects with limited personal savings .Sanjay even sold off his wife's Jewelry too ! towards establishing an authentic Organisation with Socio Economic Development as the core Mantra.
Now that the Brand Name is established among National & International buyers,he needs Working Capital to continue Production and help artisan come out of Poverty and carry on their generations Old artwork.

How Your Contribution would Help Him:

1* Construction of Work-shed: Construction of well ventilated Work shed with Clean Drinking Water facilities for artisan for all weather production, ensuring  continuity of making the artwork during the rainy or extreme hot Summers .Without proper work-shed now during those months work has to be discontinued and Artisans remains confined with their production of Artwork. .
2* Lower production cost & better Product : Sourcing Raw Material directly from farmers in higher Volume and providing those to Artisans financially not capable of acquiring because of Shortage of Fund,converting into tangible Artworks to sale in National & Domestic Market through our eCommerce & Retail Platform at Fair price.

3* Technology : Upgrading our website to a robust, dynamic interactive responsive eCommerce site.Ste wise security implementation for faster credit card transaction, SEO & Advertisement using paid services with social media platform which would mean he would be able to bring before You & wider International Market more & more Authentic Artwork of Bengal through eCommerce platform.More Jobs for Artisan would drive better Socio Economic Growth.
4* Taxation & Legal: Registering more & more Artisans with Government Policies and DIC so as to make them self dependent and aware of the facilities and subsidies as provided.Applying for SME and SSI Registration,Import Export Registration, Copyright and Trademarks which would empower his organisation to open up new possibilities of bringing more & more Artisans directly in communication with Art Lovers worldwide thus transforming Artisans to self sustained individual Entrepreneurs.

Kindly visit their facebook page www.facebook.com/rangamaati  to get an insight about their effort towards promoting Artisans and Artwork from Bengal and show Your appreciation & kind Support with Your LIKE's… .your Suppot,Reference and appreciation is their strength & Capital.
At rangamaati, we believe providing raw materials to Artisan to craft those into Artwork along with providing an Ecommerce Platform for their Artwork to be Displayed for Marketing Globally would create scope for Selling of the product thus Strengthening the Artisan Hands and bringing about lasting change in lives and livelihoods of the household and the communities they live in.

rangamaati’s “ Save Artisan for Art Sake” program provides raw materials and Craft Tools to  Artisans for converting those  into tangible Artworks to sale in National & Domestic Market through our eCommerce Platform at Fair price thereby giving flight to their dreams of becoming financially self sustained and confidently move towards a better Safe ,Hygienic life and Survive with dignity and self respect
Gift a Female Artisan of Bengal a chance to fulfill her dreams.
Be an Author of change.

MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL with Peace ,Harmony & Compassion.
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5th January 2018
YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!! Rangamaati's own Import Export License.

As mentioned earlier under our Fund Utilization plan we had certain Taxation & Legal aspects which needed to be covered and attained to in order to strengthen Rangamaati's scope of National & International level Operation, one such point was acquiring our own IEC(Import Export Code) License.                                      
Utilizing a part of Your Contribution now that they have our own IEC, it would be considered as the primary proof of Rangamaati as an Importer/ Exporter in India and could be submitted to various government authorities to obtain benefits in respect of their export and import from customs, DGFT, Export Promotion Council etc.

The License would enable Rangamaati and its Team of Artisan take their product or services to the international market thus expanding businesses beyond Bengal and India as a whole.    

Congratulations to ALL YOU KIND DONORs and Congratulations to Team Rangamaati.

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Let go India!

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A very noble initiative. I genuinely hope and pray that the money collected is used in the best way to support all these poor but talented families and provides better sustainence to them. Best wishes.

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All the best for your endeavors Sanjay.