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11-year-old Puransh needs an urgent liver transplant to survive

My younger son Mohnish is with his grandparents – but when we call his first question is not 'When will you come back?' It is if his bhaiya (older brother) finally ate anything. I don't have words to tell him that eating is the least of our worries. Bhaiya is on dialysis and breathing support and without a liver transplant in the next few days, he will not make it.

When I first heard that Puransh needed a liver transplant, I said that I would be the donor. My husband Hitarth is diabetic and can't be the donor. I just wanted to get the process started and got necessary tests. But the next day, the day of the transplant, the doctor called me aside with a serious look on his face.

At home, Puransh and his little brother Mohnish are a team - always with each other

My first awful thought was – Is something wrong with my son? I realised I had stopped breathing only when the doctor said Puransh was fine. To my crushing disappointment, I was told that my own liver was scarred and that I couldn't be the donor. Desperate, I called everyone in my family – would someone save my 11-year-old child and give him a piece of his liver?

In just 4 horrible days, Puransh's liver failed completely

It started with a fever just two weeks back. But Puransh never complained. My son never complains – at home he is the mother to Mohnish. He never lets us scold him. He finished all his exams. We even took him to the doctors but his jaundice was not caught till very long.

Our happy family

The doctors told us that viral fever these days took longer to heal. That we need not worry. By March 20, I knew this was no ordinary fever. In a few days, Puransh started vomiting and refused to eat or drink anything. He became unable to even get up.

Even as we rushed him from one hospital to another – we tried to get him to at least wet his mouth with some coconut water. He kept repeating over and over that he didn't want food. I can't explain how much it breaks your heart to see your child so sick that he starts to babble.

It was finally at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, that they told us that Puransh's liver has completely failed. If he didn't get a transplant in a few days – we will lose him. Apparently, his liver had become damaged in the last four days. This was on March 25. We asked the doctors to do whatever it took to save him.

Only a liver transplant will save Puransh now

Puransh is now unconscious, his kidneys are not functioning and he needs breathing support too. We have been told to arrange a liver transplant in a day – and we don't know how we will do that. My cousin has agreed to be the donor. The prospect of arranging the necessary Rs 15 lakhs is all that remains. 

In the last one week, we must have borrowed over Rs 8 lakh from people we know. I really don't remember all of it. We haven't even started taking account to pay people back. All we have been focused on is his treatment. But what we can't ignore is the reality of our situation now.

We are from a middle-class family and we don't have anyone who can help us with an amount so big. My baby does not have the time it will take for us to arrange funds. He needs a liver transplant today.

Please help me save him – we will be eternally grateful for your support.
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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3rd May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards my son, Puransh. He is doing better now compared to earlier.

He was diagnosed with a liver ailment and was on medication. His health started to improve after the treatment was started. The response that he showed towards the treatment has been really positive. His body accepted the medicines well and his liver functions has come back to normal.

Based on his health, the doctors have discharged him from the hospital. He still has a little weakness and the doctors have prescribed him medication. Along with this, he has been advised regular follow-ups. If he continues to recover at this pace then a liver transplant might not be required.

I would like to thank you all once again for all the wonderful love and support that you have shown towards my son. I had no clue whom to approach in this difficult hour and your support, prayers and kindness came as a blessing when we need it the most. Thank you once again. Would request you to please pray for his health and speedy recovery.

Vikas Suri
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I wish I have money to solve all problems..!!

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God Bless You!

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Get well soon.