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Poor Indian Cobbler's(who earns 100 Rs per day) Adopted Kids fund
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    Venkateswarlu Palle

    from Kodad, Telangana


Till date I used to think that except Soliders/Martyrs, there is no single person in the civilians who is truly unselifsh. We may belive many of us are so called "good human beings" but I strongly believe that only when we face real challenges in life and when it comes to a life and death situation, only then our true colors and our true selishness of human beings will get revealed and not when we are in our comfort zones. But after me coming across Mr. Venkateswarlu, I changed my opinion. Coz even when he is in extreme aweful condition, he didn't gave up, he still showed his wisdom and kindness and remained unselfish.  

To brief about him he is a poor cobbler from a village in India who earns almost less than 50Rs per day  which is less than a dollar and having 3 children and  a wife and a mother to feed along with him. Being in such a pathetic condition where he coudln't even afford to provide a full meals 3 times a day to his own family, what he did made me go speechless and still I wonder how he cud do so. He is leading his life as a cobbler taking care of his 5 family members and along with that INSPITE OF HIS EXTREME POVERTY HE ADOPTED A  MENTALLY CHALLENGED ORPHAN who completely is out of sense who was abandoned by her own family members coz of that illness. She lost all her senses and she is roaming on roads naked and all r throwing stones at her saying that she is a mad lady and she is sitting beside a trash bin eating all the garbage which is thrown there and drinking drainage water and surviving. Seeing her situation his heart wrenched and he took her to his small hut and did everything to her including making her bath, and even cleaning her bowels in the initial days as she is mad and even donno to groom herself. Even coz of her, he lost his hearing capability at one point of time. one day she hit him once on his ear drum as she is mad and doesn't know what she is doing. Still he didn't left her alone and with all the money he had saved for years he tried to take her to Metro city where he even begged for money for train tickets and for medical expenses. Even seeing his kind heart the doctors accepted to treat her for free of cost and after 2-3 years made her normal. But life long she has to use medicines and for that he don't have money and we are raising donation for helping him. Also please note that I have included the direct account and contact details of Shri Venkateswarlu Garu coz some prefer first hand Information and may like to directly contact and assist him with out any mediators in between.

His story is really Inspiring and even it came in Television a couple of times as its that inspiring. To the people who understand Telugu I am here providing the youtube link of his story.

Watch the below video from 6:49th minute. After listening, you yourself will understand why I said he is that great.


Even that cobbler and his adopted daughter can be see in the below youtube program where they have been interviewed by a Television channel, but its in Telugu which is a local language of India.

This money is used for the girl's (Amuda's) medical expenses as she needs to take 4000 Rupees cost medicine for life long as said by doctors(And those details and more can be seen in the below  TV show videos as the doctors too were invited for the interview along with that girl and that great human being Mr. Venkateswarlu ). And just FYI Mr. Venkateswarlu is now 70 years old suffering from kidney problems and sugar and BP and doctors asked him to stop the cobbler work as its dangerous to his life and so last month I personally donated 1 lakh rupees and helped him to open a small chappal/shoe shop(wooden shop on roadside pavement) so that he can sit and earn daily 200 Rs or so and this donation can be helpful for him too for his medical expenses etc. as it's really very difficult to survive in such position and still I get astonished how he is able to do all this when his condition is so worst. May be seeing people like him I feel it's more apt saying God in Human form. 

Part 1 of the Interview Link:


Part 2 of the Interview Link:


Part 3 of the Interview Link:


Part 4 of the Interview Link:


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PS : The latest Info I got(In the first week of Aug 2017) is that Amuda lost her job a couple of weeks back due to some bulk firing of the contractors and Mr. Venkateswarlu Garu is trying to Reach out Mr. Harish Rao Garu, Minister for Irrigation, Marketing & Legislative Affairs (Government of Telangana) for help, coz of whom she was given that Job Initially. 

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