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Help Ray Beacons Club do more on Recycling Waste and Plant more Trees.

We really need to come together to save our Earth from being degrading. Please join our campaign and support us, your precious contributions will be utilised very judiciously and carefully. Those contributed amounts will be used for p that will be used for planting trees and manage waste practically. Disposing Waste is being the most harmful human activity that is effecting our Environment. And to be able to manage it could save our future. So,  we want to practice and teach waste management. 
The Ray Beacons Club is determined to do some contribution in saving our mother earth by keeping on planting trees and managing waste. by Managing  Waste We mean installing dustbin and collect them weekly and send possible waste for recycling. Our main challenges to make this plan possible is being Financially poor, We are very young club established in 2018, May 5th with the Strength of five members Leaded by Mr. Haushing Phom with the Motto: "Deed Not Word"      
There are also some activities mention below listed by the club members that will be carried out through out the year, and the events created by the Ray Beacons Club.  

Our main aims to achieve through this campaign green and clean Earth, benefiting people through its clean environment and the Trees. We have listed below some of the activities that we will be carrying out.
  • Planting trees every month as possible and maintaining them.
  • Install Dustbin at every ward in Longleng District.
  • Collect them every week for recycling: For this Action The women SHGs in different wards is collaborating with the Club.      
  As the club is pursuing on different activities both in practical and theory, it requires so many things to be fulfilled, in order to achieve the desired aim that is mention above, the club utmost necessity now is to maintain the club office and members.
The activity of planting trees will be conducting throughout the year  from place to place and cover up planting throughout our state and more, follow up with maintaining those trees it requires some tools and equipment like seedling poly bag, tools for decking soil, pesticide, and fencing equipment and lime paint on those trees for any other internal and external harm.      .
The Club is also taking up seminars to let people know about the value of planting more trees and also help them to understand how to maintain their own surroundings and to live a clean and hygiene way of life, the seminars are given to every school, colleges and orphanage homes in Nagaland, India. These activities will go throughout the years. The club is also giving seminars and some practical activities to the public in general at town and villages, by distributing some important equipment like dustbin in public areas and maintains them in both town and villages. The club wants to encourage our youth today and people in general about the importance’s of environment that we depend.  And observe Swachh Bharat, where we will conduct mass social work on 2nd Oct 2018. Emphasising on cleanliness and waste management which is far most important duties of each individual in order to lead a fit and healthy life, the club dedicating our high time teaching and helping how to manage their waste in a useful way.
The awareness and importance of planting trees save nature, cleanliness, tree conservation and waste management the club wants to convey through putting thousands of pamphlets all over Nagaland. Therefore the club needs inspiring and motivating quotes, lines, pictures, images, and an art form that is related to the topic above to let people understand the simple way of saving our Mother Earth. The club Ray Beacons will travel to each destination to fulfil putting those pamphlets.
Another important work of the club is to give time and help to all farmers encouraging and aware them about the value of waste management and the causes of overgrazing and deforestation by practising shifting cultivation. The traditional way of farming in Northeast India is mostly shifting cultivation and it is the responsibility of each one of us to look back 10 years ago were we could see our states so fresh, green and clean but today as we are so indulged with the fast-growing world with many technologies which are helpful and harmful at the same time. Our club is very much dedicated to giving our time to those farmers who are in lack of proper education and encourage terrace farming and also emphasise about the sustainable development and it’s beneficial.
The club is attempting towards the change of society and contributing our time to the well-fear of the people. Therefore the club wants encouragement from all who wants to support us in different ways like sharing ideas, helping in mass social work, helping in spreading awareness by putting pamphlets, also help us in seminars, donate funds and help in promoting through social media. Since the club is open and permanent, it would be great full to all who encourage and support us. The club is also open for any kind of opinion and suggestion that should add to our activities and work.  
 Thank you

About Us:

The Club Ray Beacons is the permanent and open club, established on May 5, 2018, with the strength of 5 members motivated with the motto “Deeds Not Words”, the Ray Beacons Club attempt towards the well-being and for the change of the society and people mindset over their day to day's lifestyle. The main focus is to give the time to encourage rural people for understanding the simple way of saving the mother earth from all sort of today's problem. The club also focuses on the sustainable development, Eco-friendly and tree planting.
The club voluntarily gives seminars to students and to all corners of people in general who is in lack of proper knowledge in maintaining their own surrounding where they live. And also conduct social work to encourage hygiene living standard to both remote area and town where we come together and make the world clean and green. Ray Beacons believing in heart shaking quotes like ‘if not us, then who? Is also ready and dedicated towards work that can be performed, motivated through the powerful quotes ’if not now, when? And observe the day like world environment day and encourage swachh Bharat. The club most desire is to be the eye-opener and to be an exemplary life for their own society and to the world.

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Longlen DC,  John Tsulise Sangtam- During Seminar on waste Management-25th July.
more than 300 students attainted the seminar, where 98 students join the Club.

Resource Person Y Nuklu Phom - we will upload the video of his speech in Facebook Group. @raybeacons.

Miss Denshet and Miss Moiphen presenting How to Recycle Wate bottles and plastic backings. 
Mr. Nganthai Aventhnoho with the Good Shepherd School Students
DC Longleng, Y Nuklu, Bachem Buchem, Phom Students Conference and Phomla Hoichem  Attainted the Seminar.

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