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Help Us Make India's First Canine Viral Diseases Treatment Center
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    Kaveri Rana

    from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Ever lost a dog to deadly Parvo?
Ever denied admission because your pup had something contagious?
Ever seen a distemper infected pup die on roads thrashing just coz no one was ready to foster?

Well I have. And I plan on changing it. I plan on changing this with the help of Sophie Memorial Animal Relief Trust!

ABOUT SOPHIE MEMORIAL ANIMAL RELIEF TRUST: A registered Private Trust dedicated for betterment of animals

SMART Sanctuary - Greater Noida

The story of SMART Sanctuary began 13 years ago when Kaveri Rana Bhardwaj rescued her first pup Sophie from impending death, adopted her and settled her at her home. Ever since her house has become a rescue center, and Kaveri and her husband YashRaj Bhardwaj have devoted their lives to saving animals dying on roads, as well as injured, old, abused and abandoned souls in need. 

Sophie is no more, but Kaveri & YashRaj have saved, treated and rehabilitated hundreds of paralyzed, sick, abandoned and injured animals over the years. They have 15 such rescues adopted and living with them and about 73 pups & dogs living at SMART Sanctuary and over 250 being fed in Greater Noida. The number keeps on increasing every day!

Over the course of years they have seen many puppies and dogs being denied help or admission as they were suffering with contagious Parvo or Distemper. Both the diseases are viral, highly contagious and with high mortality rates due to unfavorable conditions and limited resources and places welcoming such cases! 

But Kaveri & Yash plan to change that! 
Kaveri says, " No more deaths on streets due to limited resources or foster care! Parvo has a survival rate of about 85%! Why not give the animal that 85% chance? Why take it away just because of fear of getting your facility contaminated? Why not make an entirely new facility dedicated to isolate, quarantine and save these beautiful souls? Distemper too is fatal or with long term nervous impact, but that doesn't mean that the animal should die a terrible death on the streets! That would be so cruel.

And I as an animal caretaker, agree with her. I have lost too many just because no one was willing to take them in! No more now!

Would you all join hands with Kaveri & YashRaj and help them make the very first facility in India and the world dedicated to saving Parvo & Distemper suffering dogs? Would you help us give them a fighting chance to live? Would you all come forward and be the change!

Millions of Dogs and Puppies are counting on your support, blessings and love.

Items required:
Portable Oxygen Cylinders- INR 10000
Refrigerator- INR 15000
Portable Incinerator- INR 40000
1 Water Purifier- INR 15000
1 24X7 Solar Power Plant - INR 85000
1 Vaccum Cleaner- INR 8000
1 Humidifier- INR 15000
2 Air Purifiers- INR 20000
1 Washing Machine- INR 10000
5 Hazmat Suits- INR 10000
2 Medicine storage cabinets- INR 10000
Serums & Medicines- INR 50000
1 Fogging Machine- INR 10000
2 Treatment Tables- INR 20000
1 Air Conditioner- INR 25000
2 Air Blowers- INR 5000
2 Heat Convectors- INR 5000
6 Wall Fans- INR 20000
2 Coolers- INR 15000
LED's, Bulbs & electrical- INR 15000
3 Infra Red Lights with extra Bulbs- INR 5000
5 Heat Pads Various Sizes- INR 4000
10 Cages- INR 30000
Necessary Furniture- INR 22000
Second-hand Car to Transport sick ones to hospital- INR 150000
Basic necessities for ill dogs (diapers, under pads, beds, blankets etc.)- INR 16000
Miscellaneous Expenses (Rent, Transport, labor etc. )- INR 70000
Total- INR 700000

Know more about SMART at:

Visit SMART at:
Smart Sanctuary, Village Ghori, MU 2, Greater Noida

Dog Bless You All!

P.S. The images chosen for the campaign are for reference purpose only and are solely being used spreading awareness about deadly and communicable Canine Viral Diseases.

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