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Support Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports, Gohana, Sonipat Haryana, India Academy Build New Facilities.

Khele India ke Bache!

Champion Emerges​​​

Ajay Malik, national Under-14 champion, despite not having exposure to facilities as he practised on just mud courts in his village but still developed enough skills to be the best in the country in his age group.

Can you help Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy in Gohana, Harayan raise funds to build and support grassroots sports talent in heartland of India?

If you ever happen to be around Gohana City near Sonepat, Haryana then finding Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy wouldn’t be a challenge. The large group of professional young players practicing with dedication will draw your attention. Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy is a Sports Academy and in last few years, the academy has positively affected lives of hundreds of athletes for nominal cost.

Subhash academy is one of a kind initiative is supported by the land owner Mr.Ajmer Malik a retired army man and well-wishers.

"It all started with a dream to make the nation proud”

Malik who has played the nationals eight times and stood second twice in national level wrestling competition recalls an instance from his days of struggle, as a national level wrestler he faced hardships and was one of those few who overcame the hardships with extreme level of dedicated hard work. Malik had decided to help other sportsmen as he was impressed by the immense talent of the little children and sheer dedication of the energetic youngsters of Gohana,District Sonipat,Haryana and neighboring districts and villages. Malik started training these young athletes and developed their keen interest in sports.

Ajmer Malik is a retired army man who religiously spends pension funds towards the common resources of the Academy. He experiences immense satisfaction by serving the community through supporting and promoting the budding talent.

Figure 1 Entrance of the Academy

Post his retirement, Ajmer went on building something unique. Inspired by the national freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandrabose and his valour, Ajmer took the huge step of turning his three-acre agricultural land in Sonipat into a Sports academy – now called the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Sports Academy with athletes from nearby areas started the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Sports Academy. Inspired by his initiative of helping athletes spend their time constructively, the other parents from nearby areas approached him. Gradually the number of young athletes increased.

Having dedicated his life, after retiring from the army, he has been helping hundred of athletes from underprivileged background get quality training of sports. He started the sansthan (Sports Academy) with his own pension funds and has ensured athletes get a quality sports training. The costs of running a professional Academy are very inhibiting and sports demands a lot of resources.

Ajmer realizes the pain of athletes who have the inbuilt talent but are not enriched with apt sources to nurture the same and with the humanitarian intention he works tirelessly for the growth and up-liftment these young children. Ajmer has modestly built four tennis clay courts, an indoor wrestling facility, temporary running track and a temporary gym. Ajmer with all the good intention and putting his own funds and loans from sources , has built a place for young athletes to train and nurture their career but this facility is yet devoid of a professional touch which quite naturally requires heavy funding.

For 4 Years now, he and his team of dedicated volunteers has been waking up at 4 a.m to coach the young talent. Malik and his team’s day at the Academy start with cleaning the plot, and arranging equipment for setting the training ground. The day eventually ends when he finishes arranging the equipments back in the gym. The academy is run with the help of a paid staff of instructors; volunteers also help with the smooth functioning of the Academy.

The biggest challenge the Academy faces currently is the absence of an infrastructure. Every day, time and effort go into coordinating and adjusting the next to negligible amenities. The children also get distracted easily because of the lack of proper equipments and need to be monitored constantly.

The Academy makes good use of available resources, not complaining about the things that are unavailable to him. Electric poles, which fell during heavy monsoons, now support the net for the mud court at the training ground. Ploughs which otherwise used for agricultural purposes is being used here to maintain the ground, Nylon ropes are used to line the boundaries and tyres of different sizes and weights are used for strength training. Malik has spent his retirement fund to build the tennis court and the other facilities of the Academy.

Figure 2 Athlete arriving at the Academy  
Figure 3 Hostel rooms at the Academy

A small village by the name of Madina in Gohana, Haryana, and this special sports academy has produced promising state as well as national level sports persons. This includes male and female wrestlers, kabaddi, and tennis players who hold national ranking and have won many prestigious medals. Such heights and milestones were and are being conquered by children bereft of proper facilities, diet and infrastructure but combined effort of all has made the academy a place of high learning for sports aspirants from the near and far villages. The students joined and shined. Their dedication has brought great laurels for the academy. The student’s story is of triumph of one's true grit.

National level talent but facilities are bare minimum. These aspiring players can proudly represent the nation on international podiums but the face obstacles and hindrances in the form of inappropriate infrastructure and utter lack of facilities. Right support shall act as the catalyst to their and the Nation’s growth.

Figure 4 condition of the gym at the Academy

Figure 5 the tennis court made from clay where the net is supported by fallen electricity poles

Figure 6 Uneven running track

Better facilities make better players
It is the tireless efforts of the coaches and equivalent hard work of the students. With a view of holistic development of young children and young athletes Ajmer has also built a primary school with hostel facility so that the children and young athletes can indulge in sports and academics simultaneously. Mr Ajmer Malik has taken a heavy financial burden with a further view of holistic growth and improvement of the institution. To participate competitively, the players need a lot more equipments which are expensive.

As things are now, promising talent requires higher professional coaching and nurture talent for future. The players train rigorously to compete at national and international level. Wrestlers from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy secured the first, second and third position in the district level , national and international wrestling events.

Figure 7 the wrestling training area

Figure 8 Ajay Malik winning the Under 14 Fenesta National Championship.

Figure 9 Tennis Court at the Academy.

Why should you contribute?
The Academy currently requires financial support in order to build a better infrastructure and raise the competiveness of the players at the academy. The academy is in dire need of the following:

  • Professional tennis ground for the aspiring tennis stars of the academy. The current surface is made from clay. The academy would like to develop and install a professional laid tennis court(s). Such surface of the court is made in layers of thick paint/quartz sand/basecoats and finishing coats for the complete tennis court top surface. These top surfaces must be applied on a Sports Quality sub base, usually Concrete or Asphalt.
  • A security system and fencing of the property in order to maintain security of the athletes and also to monitor them.
  • A well laid running track for the professional sprinters. This will help sports person train and develop.
  • A renovated gym and better gym equipments.
  • Facilities for the school, hostel and academy hostel. The facilities include supporting staff, teachers, volunteer’s remuneration, better sitting arrangement and complete construction of the facilities as required.
  • Establishing a Kabaddi ground
  • Remuneration of the professional tennis, wrestling, kabaddi and other sports coach.
  • Your support will help the children build a great future for themselves, their family and the nation.

Figure 10 Tennis Court nets with the Wrestling training centre.
Figure 11 Academy facilities.
Figure 12 Academy facilities.

Specific Contributions:
  1.  For Corporate Social Responsibility contributions and opportunities please contact for details.
  2. For Professional and Individual sponsorships and opportunities please contact for details
Some of the Achievements, Accolades and Laurels of the Academy Sportspersons:-
  • All India Tennis Competition (Under-18), held at Bhagat Hansraj Tennis Academy, from June 26 to June 29: Ajay Malik won the Gold medal defeating Sandeep in the finals.
  • National Tennis Championship (Under-14), conducted at DLTA Complex: Ajay Malik won the title in the under-14 singles category.
  • Fenesta National Tennis Competition, organized at New Delhi from October 10 to October 15: Ajay Malik won this competition. The District Collector Sonipat acknowledged him with Rs. 50,000 and other facilities in the academy where he does his practice.
  • Bhagat Hansraj IETA Championship Series, 2016 organised by Shree Ram Sharnam Ashram. Ajay Malik won Gold in different events of the championship, namely: under-14, singles category, under-16, singles category and under-16, doubles category, respectively. He defeated all those counterparts who earlier defeated him.
  • National Ranking Lawn Tennis Competition, organized at Karnal, from January 4 to January 8. Ajay Malik won Gold at three events in the championship, namely: under-14, singles category, under-16, singles category and under-18, singles category, respectively.
  • National School Championship (Under-14): Ajay Malik won Gold medal by beating the under-14 champion in the finals. Whereas, in wrestling,  Sonam d/o Raj Pahalwan won Gold medal.
  • District Wrestling Championship, wrestlers from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Academy won 3 Gold and 3 Silver medals namely: In the under-17, Arti won Gold in 43 kgs category, in the under-19 category, Sonam and Manju won Gold in 51 kgs and 59 kgs categories respectively. Whereas, in the under-17, Neha and Kirti won Silver in 40 kgs and 56 kgs categories respectively and in the under-19, Vandana won silver in the 44 kgs category.
  • September 2014, Ajay Malik won the gold and ranked first in the under 14 category for lawn tennis in the National Interschool Championship.
  • 21 October 2014, An Academy wrestler won the first place in the under nineteen wrestling category of National Interschool Championship. The event was held in Madhya Pradesh and 60 schools participated.
  • Wrestler Tina Malik(64 Kgs) and surinder (42 Kgs) from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy secured the first position and the second position respectively in the National Cadet Wrestling Competition.  This competition took place in Guwahati in January 2016, on 21 January – 24 January.
  • In Kabaddi player Preeti, Saroj (under 17 category) won gold medal in the national level all Schools Kabaddi competition.
  • Wrestlers from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy secured the first, second and third position in the district level wrestling event. The following players made the Academy proud with their splendid performance:-
weight (Kgs)










  • In the National Interschool Championship held between 6-8 September 2014, An Academy wrestler won gold in the wrestling event and Sonam Putrui Raj won a silver in the wrestling event.
  • Wrestler An Academy wrestler from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy secured the first position in the Rajiv Gandhi National Tournament dated 25 October 2015.
  • Ajay Malik won gold in the Fenesta Open Tennis Championship. This championship was held between 10-15 October 2016. Ajay’s national ranking has risen to 4 rank after winning the Fenesta Open.
  • Wrestler an Academy wrestler from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy secured the first position in the National Interschool wrestling event held on 18 December 2015.
  • Rinku An Academy wrestler from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy secured the third position in the National Women Interschool wrestling event held between 20- 23 January 2017.
  • Sonam an Academy wrestler from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy secured the first position in the National Women Interschool wrestling event held between 1- 3 November 2017. Sonam secured the position in the under 19 categories and 56 Kg weight.
  • Manju (46 Kgs) an Academy wrestler from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy secured the second position in the National cadet wrestling Championship held between 10- 12 February 2017.
  • Sunil Malik a Lawn Tennis player Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy showed exemplary performance at the World University Tennis Championship held between 19-24 August.
  •  Sonam a wrestler from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Sports Academy has in all won four gold medals in wrestling and has also stood third in the Asia Championship that took place in Thailand.

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