Savior of 150 paddy varieties in India faces battle against cancer

You may not know him, but he has helped put food on your table and now he needs your help.

Saviour of 150 paddy varieties faces battle against cancer.

Mr.Jayaraman is an organic farming crusader, environmentalist and a farmer leader from Adirangam village, Tiruvarur Distt, He has revived 150 traditional paddy varieties over 10 years. Today,thanks to his efforts, 40,000 farmers have adopted organic cultivation of traditional rices.

Recipient of a number of awards and recognition, Jayaraman won the Best Organic Farmer Award in 2012 and 2013 from the Agriculture Department of the Government of TN. In 2013, he won the Best Genome Saviour Award of the National Innovation Foundation (NIF), which he received from The President of India.

Jayaraman is diagnosed with `malignant melanoma' (skin cancer) in January. Govt hospitals failed to treat him saying the cancer is in the advanced stage. But Apollo cancer foundation has come forward to treat him with immuno therapy which is his best chance of survival but this is an expensive protocol and is expected to cost at least 3.8 lakh per session and it need to happen for twice a month for a period of 8-12 months. At 51, he is a family man with a wife and a 11-year old son, this is an amount which he definitely can't afford on his own. We,his friends and associates, are seeking help for this indefatigable activist. We hope to bring him back to health. 

It's unfortunate that such a tireless activist is fighting for his survival and he needs minimum Rs 30 lakh for the treatment. I hope we as people don't let him down. Please pitch in with whatever you can Rs 10, Rs 100, Rs 1000 it doesn't matter. No contribution is small if we end up saving the life of this great man.

This is not a spam. Here below are some news articles on NelJayaraman’s battle with cancer. Hope we help him defeat this cruel disease. 

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Contact for more details:
Sridhar R, Thanal – 09995358205
Ananthoo, Chennai – 09444166779
Raju Paneerselam (Jayaraman's nephew) – 09952787998
Doctor's statement
Doctor's statement
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14th March 2018
Dear Friends,

I wholeheartedly thank you all for your support and prayers for Thiru Nel Jayaraman with all your prayers and God's blessings, he has completed the advised cycles of immunotherapy and now showing good signs of recovery.

The doctors have informed that his body is responding good but he needs to continue the tablets for 2 years at least. I believe that with all your prayers and support he will recover completely.

Thank you for the support. Please do pray for his health and speedy recovery. Will keep you posted. 
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Rishiv donated Rs.500
30 days ago

அய்யா தமிழ் பாரம்பரிய நெல் வகைகளை மீட்டெடுத்த உங்கள் தன்னலமற்ற சேவை இந்த மனித இனத்திற்கு இன்னும் தேவை. நீங்கள் முற்றிலும் நலம்பெற எம்பெருமான் ஈசன் அருள்புரியட்டும்.

Anonymous donated Rs.5,000
12 months ago
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over 1 year ago

Get well soon

govind donated Rs.2,500
over 1 year ago

pl accept my contribution towards treatment of this valuable person.

Anonymous donated US $100
over 1 year ago

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Shiva donated Rs.500
over 1 year ago

Wishing you a speedy recovery. God bless you. You are truly great man.