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Neha Suffers From Severe Pelvic Dysfunction & Unbearable Pubic Pain
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UPDATE : 02-Nov-2019

Neha has had a rough last 3 weeks. Weeks prior to these 3 weeks were better and she was showing consistent signs of recovery. This was good news as the doctors were planning to start the Cryotherapy sessions. But delay in accumulating the funds for the treatments and sudden increase in the urinary bladder infection and bladder inflammation over last 3 weeks aggravated her Cyclic Symptoms of Groin Pain and Frequency because of which she was unable to get to the hospital for Cryotherapy.
The current decision made was to put on her high doses of antibiotics and continue more aggressive physiotherapy sessions  (2-3 times a day) and also start home based Laser Therapy for controlling pain and Fibromyalgia. They are in discussions with other facilities to get additional opinions and might take action accordingly.

Overall not a peachy update today, more on the rough patch side. We are all confident this is a low that Neha will brave and get back up. Need all your prayers and well wishes at this time to help Neha get through this phase.

Though Neha is in no capacity to directly express her gratitude, but her silence in accepting the support means a lot. She is someone that strives to be independent and self-sufficient. Thank you all very much for raising her hopes to not worry about costs and focus more on her treatments. But there is more that we need to do, to help Neha realize all her dreams & aspirations. We are falling acutely short of funds to facilitate her Cryotherapy sessions which are proven to reduce pain and fibromyalgia.

You have all done really great with helping her out, no words / accolades can express the mental peace that has been brought to her and me as we have been able to focus on her care and keep aside any financial worries until now for new treatment expenses. We are hoping the best medical care and procedures will be taken, to progress in the right direction.
Once again, thank you for supporting Neha and request you to spread the word among family, friends, your coworkers and other organizations to generate financial support to sustain her on-going and up-coming 

She needs all the support still. Please help me in continuing the treatments. Please donate.

With Love & Regards
Rahul & Neha
My spouse, Neha, is suffering from multiple medical ailments from last 4.5 years and complete bed ridden for last 2.5 years.

Clinical Diagnosis
  •  Recurrent & Constant UTI (urinary tract infection) since last 03 years;
  •  Ostitis pubis (abnormal bone growth in pubic sacrum);
  •  Coccydynia 3rd Stage (90° internal angulation of Coccyx or tail bone);
  •  Acute PFD (pelvic floor dysfunction)
  •  Fibromyalgia (Severe Muscle Knots & Trigger Points in Whole Pelvic)
  •  Chemical Intolerance (Cannot be given all prescribed medicines)
  • Completely bed-ridden since 2.5 yrs., 
  • Significant very severe pain, 24x7, near urinary bladder, uterus, pelvic region; 
  • Ultra-high urination frequency (~ every 20 mins.) 120+ times in 24 hours;
  • Severe Hesitancy in voiding urine
  • Near-nil mobility due acute inflammation across bladder, uterus, multiple joints, muscles and nerves;
  • Nearly complete lack of sustained sleep (due to constant pain). At the most she can sleep for 1 hour continuously in night
Last 3 years of treatment for my spouse has been very demanding in terms of financials, physical & emotionally. I am currently in lot of debts owing to the medical expenditure and not able to find financial help for further treatment. I have used all my savings, Provident Funds, & finances from family, friends, other sources till now to cover for medical expenses. Now I am in need of financial support for further treatment of my spouse which is expected to go on for another 6-8 months as recovery is slow owing to the nature of the medical ailments.

Despite having a respectable job with a multinational, yet, due to the scale, frequency, sheer duration and cyclical repetition of the healthcare expenses involved, we find ourselves near completely drained, having used up our savings, provident funds, credit-lines via short-term bank loans/credit card.

We are in acute shortfall of INR 30 Lacs (viz., INR 03 million) to cover Neha’s treatment expenses expected to continue for another 06 – 08 months as per the highly experienced doctors attending to her – recovery is slow due to the multiplicity of the health issues but doctors have assured of full recovery in 07-08 months.

Our insurance healthcare covers is completely unusable as Neha cannot be admitted in hospitals due to her acute low immunity level resulting inclusively, from very long administration of continuous antibiotics. As per the expert doctors treating her, she has an extremely high probability of acquiring HAI’s (hospital acquired infections) if admitted.

  1. At-home Physiotherapy for PFD @ INR **1500/- per day. (required for min. 07 months. Offsite therapy near impossible due to extreme pain due to PFD;
  2. At-home Dry Needling therapy @ INR **2,500/- per session per week
  3. Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) 60 sessions @ INR **5,500/- per session;
  4. Continuous Urine Culture each week along with antibiotics for 01 month (till culture report is gram negative) INR **1,500/- per culture text (so, per month, ~ INR **6,000/-);
  5. Chiropractor sessions for sacrum joints and lower spine and for immunity augmentation @ INR **1,250 per session (x 60 sessions) = INR **75,000/- excluding onsite lodging expenses for 02 months;
  6. Online consultation charges with global expert Dr. Nicole Cozean (US based Worlds Best PFD Specialist) and follows ups approx. INR **200,000/- (deeply discounted at her discretion and goodwill for which we are very grateful);
  7. Misc. consulting Doctors’ consultation fees, diagnostics, allopathic drugs, etc. ~ INR **450,000/-
  8. Homeopathic drugs (Reckeweg® R1, R31, R5, R18 & Adel Akutur, Proscent, Upelva & Apo-Infekt): ~ INR **100,000/-
  9. Laser Machine To be purchased for Laser Therapy at home. BTL-HI-LASER CAT4 BTL 6000 12W costing 12.5 Lacs INR
Total Expected Expenses for next 06 – 08  months : approx. INR 30 Lacs / viz., approx.. INR 03 million.

To add to our woes, sustained physical, financial and mental stress managing my wife’s treatment, our son, my office & our home affairs all by myself and that too, since so long, has taken a very significant toll on my own health – historical ailments of hypertension, kidney stone and thyroid imbalances have shot up and I am also suffering badly from a knee ligament tear, a.k.a. ACL tear and meniscus tear in both my knees.

Long years of acute suffering, enormous stress on overall environment and tremendous strain on resources has been affecting Neha psychologically and almost scarring her… Her emotional pain due to her rather mindful guilt of neglecting our dear son Yashmit is driving her increasingly off late towards giving up all hope. Tragically, I myself is leaving hope as I do not have funds to take care of her medical treatments.
In sheer desperation, I am reaching out to you all.


Below are all the doctors prescriptions and case study of Neha. Please support to the best of your capabilities. 

For your invaluable contribution, I and Yashmit promise to plant a sapling at suitable locations for every donation made with your (donor’s) personal details, as maybe desired – at this juncture, we are able to offer alongside, only our heartfelt prayers for you.

Best Regards
Rahul & Neha

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