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Initiative To Support Electric Bikes
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About the team:
MotoManipal is the brainchild of a team of passionate students from Manipal Institute of Technology, who came together in early 2018. They aim to start a project to revolutionize electric bikes in the current industry.
The team is Karnataka’s only electric superbike student project which aims at establishing a balance between maintaining the ecological parameters and love for biking. The team is set to test the boundaries of speed and agility keeping in mind the need to bring a change in today’s environment that could prove to improve living conditions.
The team believes in providing bike enthusiasts with an efficient, energy driven, and affordable prototype of an electric superbike.
MotoManipal is slowly building up a team of fervent students with an aim of maintaining a fine balance in our environment.

About the project:
In the upcoming years, electromobility will be a mass phenomenon. A study conducted shows that electric vehicles will surpass combustion engine models in terms of global sales before 2040.
This project is an attempt to promote this technology to the Indian market to solve the energy crisis that we as a community are facing on a daily basis.
With the gradual urbanization, cities are growing at an unprecedented rate. However developed the world is getting, the need for renewable resources is growing at an alarming rate and so is the reduction of pollutants all over the world.
Transportation is a necessity that cannot be replaced, but it can be made better and more eco-friendly. To overcome the inevitable, it is required of us to bring some changes to move in the right direction.
MotoManipal as a team wants to take this step to give India a faster and more efficient mode of transport that is also easier on nature.
Electric bikes are a growing necessity that is slowly taking over the market as a substituent for combustion bikes. These are not only fast, durable and rechargeable but are also more eco-friendly.
MotoManipal being one of the very few teams that are working towards a greater change, is putting forth new technologies and innovations to better the basic concept of electric bikes. The team as a whole is coming up with new ideas and research each day to serve the project.

The team is working as a whole to come up with advanced technologies and trying to incorporate the same in the project. Research on different topics is being done in order to improvise on existing batteries and motors. The following are the research topics in progress:
1)Writing an entire paper about the basic design of the electric bike which hasn’t been done by any other team so far.2) Implementing the concept of Kalman filter for estimating the state of charge(SOC) of battery and predicting other parameters which cannot be done using relevant sensors.3) Implementing the concept of Fuzzy logic (Fuzzy logic is an approach to computing based on "degrees of truth" rather than the usual "true or false" (1 or 0) Boolean logic on which the modern computer is based) on regenerative braking for optimal use of the battery and the motor.

We need your support:
With constant improvisations and work put in behind the entire concept of electric bikes, they will soon take over the market at a fast pace. However, the e-bike being a new concept, requires research to make a near perfect, error-free model.
With the ongoing trials and simulations, the theoretical experience is being accumulated but it requires a more practical approach. The team is building everything from scratch, finding new purposes and techniques for the bike the team  is building. They require your inept support to help them build an efficient bike that can bring about a revolution in the Indian market and soon the entire world.
For this the team needs a sum of Rs.5,00,000 for the following purposes:
  • Set up of the bike
  • Purchasing of: Motors, Sensors, Battery, The Faring of the bike, chassis and so on.
  • An implication of theoretical research into practical research.

They wholeheartedly thank you for your support in advance and hope to put in our all in realizing this. They aim to give you and me one of the most efficient in the world electric bikes to bring a global change.

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