Help Manju (12) Fight A Brain Tumor and Regain Her Vision

UPDATE2: Please note that no additional funds are required at the moment. Thank you all for your generous contributions and heart-warming messages.

UPDATE1: Dear Donors, your generous contributions will ensure Manju gets the treatment she needs. At the moment, we are working out the fastest way to get Manju admitted for surgery.

We are also in touch with a gracious Charitable Trust that has offered to help. Please standby and wait for updates before donating further.
Thank you all.

Manju is the 12 year old daughter of Babulal, who is a carpenter by profession. Manju has been diagnosed with a Posterior Fossa Tumor (brain tumor).

Babulal hails from the town of Itwa in Siddharthnagar district, Uttar Pradesh. His low income poses a huge barrier in covering Manju's surgery costs, which is why he is appealing for your help.

Brief History
Manju had been suffering from infrequent fever and headache for about 2 years. Her parents took her to a doctor who diagnosed and treated her for Tuberculosis. When the fever didn't stop, Babulal travelled with his daughter to a hospital in Nepal which also asserted it was TB. But the treatment failed to provide Manju with any relief.

In April this year, Manju suddenly lost her vision. This alarmed Babulal and his family and they promptly took her to their family doctor. The doctor asked him to get a CECT scan done at a local diagnostic lab which showed a large cystic lesion in the brain. Following the test report, the doctor recommended urgently admitting Manju to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow.

The neurosurgeon at the hospital acted swiftly, and Manju underwent a Right Parietal MPVP Shunt operation in May. The surgery went as planned and Manju was finally relieved from severe headaches.

Barring her (pre-existing) vision problem due to the tumor, Manju was adjudged physical fit and had been cleared by the hospital as being conscious, cooperative, and oriented to time, place, and person. Doctors confirmed that she is healthy but requires to undergo another surgery for the brain tumor as well as radiotherapy .

Current Status
Manju is currently at home and cannot see. She urgently needs to undergo surgery to get rid of the brain tumor and to be able to see again. A delay in surgery could permanently impact her vision and other brain functions.

Babulal has been unable to arrange for the surgery. He has tried various local charities and petitioned local govt authorities, but no one came through for him. He finally decided to try his luck in Mumbai by contacting some of the old customers of his carpentry work. This fundraiser is by one such customer for Babulal. This hard-working father and his family deserve our support.

Please contribute whatever you can to help Manju defeat the brain tumor and regain her eyesight.

Thank you for your support. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions or concerns.
Diagnostic Lab Report
Diagnostic Lab Report
First Surgery Report
First Surgery Report
Letter from Hospital Authorities Estimating Costs
Letter from Hospital Authorities Estimating Costs
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26th February 2017
Dear Supporter,

Manju visited the hospital on Thursday with her father and the last of her tubes was removed. The doctor did a checkup said she was perfectly fine, aside from the problem with her eyesight.

Babulal said Manju has regained her strength and is now just like she was before treatment. She no longer requires support to walk.

Unfortunately, due to damage to her optic nerves, the doctor explained that her eyesight may never return. Life ahead will undoubtedly be very challenging for Manju. :(

Manju is already showing great spirit and is starting to do basic tasks by herself. I hope she finds the strength and courage to deal with the challenges ahead.

Once again, Babulal and his family (and I) thank you all for your heartwarming and extremely valuable support. Your swift response has been incredibly important to maintaining Manju's good health and ridding her of a dangerous tumor.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you need Babulal's contact details to check on Manju in the future.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

14th February 2017
Dear Supporter,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Manju visited the hospital last Monday and all (but one) of her post-surgery tubes were removed.

  • Initially, all tubes were removed and Manju's health was monitored overnight. After 6-7 hours, Manju had trouble breathing so doctors put the neck/chest tube back
  • Doctor said breathing issue will take time to heal. Asked them to return after 15 days to get the last tube removed
  • Cough issue has almost gone. Babulal rarely uses the suction machine now
  • On the cancer front, the doctor said there's nothing to worry about. No new scans/tests were done
  • Manju can finally eat with her mouth. Soon after the tube was removed, she gorged on some food :)
Right now, Manju is back at home with her family. She will be visiting the hospital again around Feb-20.

Please do get in touch if you need more information.


Warm Regards.
24th January 2017
Dear Supporter,

Just a quick update:

Manju has been discharged from the hospital and is on her way home to Itwa.

She is yet to fully regain her physical strength and it will take her a few months to be able to walk again. She also has an issue with persistent cough. Doctors explained that both issues are typical for patients after brain surgery.

Manju continues to require tube feeding and a suction machine (for the cough). The doctor recommended keeping Manju in a clean environment at home and guided the family on how to take care of her.

She will return to Lucknow after two weeks for removal of tubes and checkup.

Please hope and pray for her speedy recovery.

Thanks so much! 
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