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Some events can completely take away all that a person has built his life around. For Mahadeva Swamy, at only 27, his life came to a standstill after a road accident. 

Hailing from Talakad, Karnataka, Mahadeva worked as a security guard. On January 4, he was returning home from work on his two-wheeler. He had an accident that fractured his skull and caused severe head injury. He was taken to NIMHANS because this was a serious head injury. He was then shifted to Abhaya Hospital for a month. 

Lack of funds come in the way of treatment
Mahadeva was the sole breadwinner of his family of four. He needed to provide for his wife and two small children and their education. When he met with an accident, his wife was very scared for his life.

Determined to make sure her husband got all the medical attention he needed she wept and pleaded with all her relatives to lend her some money. She withdrew all their savings and sold all her jewellery, including her mangal sutra – a very important necklace for a married woman. 

She raised the money that saw Mahadeva through the immediate treatment. Once he was discharged, he was referred to NewRo for rehabilitation. The accident had damaged his nervous system and he needed help managing essential activities of daily life. But his family took him back home because they could not afford it.  

Rehabilitation is urgent and necessary
Mahadeva was brought back to NewRo in August, once his family saw the extent of damage caused by the accident. He needed two people to support him as he walked. He couldn't even stand properly. His eye-hand coordination was off. 

Though he looked mostly like before on the outside, his voice was changed and his speech was slurred and unclear. Doctor's tests showed that he had many cognitive impairments due to the accident. Mahadeva was a husk of his former self. 

Not knowing how to deal with this situation his wife decided to give rehabilitation a shot. Mahadeva needed physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and cognitive rehabilitation to get back to near normal and to be able to take care of himself and his family.

Positive results in just a month

With intense rehabilitation for about three weeks, he is already getting better at managing basic functions like getting up, lying down and walking independently. His balance still needs work, but these are big indications of improvement. Most importantly, his family can glimpse the person he used to be before the accident. 

As of now,  his rehabilitation bills have come up to Rs 48,000. He still has a long way to go but the doctors are confident that in one year, he will be able to be independent and go back to work. To complete his rehabilitation, he needs Rs 2.5 lakhs more. 

His wife has borrowed for previous hospital bills of Rs 2 lakhs from all her friends and family and has no other source of funds at the moment.  

She is lost and at her wits' end about getting her husband better. With just three weeks' rehabilitation she is finally feeling hope that things will get better. She needs some support that can help her get her husband the attention he needs to recover. 

Donate now to help Mahadeva get the rehabilitation therapy that he needs. 

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