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As the 21st century emerges, there are growing concerns about how we feed, shelter and take care of ourselves & our planet in an increasingly congested world. In India, the second most populous country in the world, these challenges are even more critical.

At AES, we are equipping young people to be able to develop skills and tools to help respond to these challenges – and we need your help to do this.
We are raising funds to help develop two LivingLab spaces in Mumbai, where children from Save The Children India, a charity school for mentally challenged children, and VOICE, a rural girls orphanage & school on the outskirts of Mumbai, are responding to sustainability challenges in their community.

Both communities face problems such as 
  • how to eat a well rounded nutritious meal, 
  • how to grow food in confined urban spaces, 
  • how to deal with the growing garbage problem that is generated from their school or home,
  • how to collect and purify water to ensure they have water all year long, especially the drought months.


A LivingLab is a physical ‘lab‘ classroom space where students come to experiment and ideate solutions to the problems they face. Using maths, science, art & engineering, and AES’s experiential hands on curricula, we engage our learners to look at the problems in a holistic way – seeing how they can use the resources at hand to solve them.
For example, with the food waste problem, the girls experimented with different low resources ways of setting up a compost facility by using discarded oil cans from their kitchen to build worm farms – simple but effective and easy for them to make at home with no cost whatsoever. The compost then also fed their food garden creating a closed loop system.

With this, we also taught them relevant science-related subjects from their home schooling curricula: Things like life cycles, soil sciences, and agriculture.

We use the LivingLab space to teach program and workshop facilitation to our students, as well, so that they can eventually teach others. We connect our students to international schools who are taking on the sustainability challenge in their own learning environment.
They demonstrate and teach others on the importance of environmental sustainability and how to create simple relevant solutions for your home or school, e.g. how to build a solar oven at home, or how to build a fuel efficient stove.


  • Better grades! Everything from arts, science, math to engineering gets covered and we have seen a remarkable improvement in the academics of the students we engage.
  • Our LivingLabs are student-led and constantly evolving.
  • We are using these spaces as a launchpad to invite children from different backgrounds – social or economic to come learn with our beneficiaries at VOICE & STCI
  • They develop solutions together; experimenting, learning, ideating and developing low tech solutions on common ground: changing the dynamic of ’charity‘- building bridges between communities
  • The experience of problem solving issues in their communities, leading workshops, and seeing ideas come to life with a fixed time frame are invaluable for our students as they emerge into confident young leaders

We meet with each of our communities twice a week at zero cost to them. We need your help to create a solid foundation and base for these communities to solve their challenges.

Your donation will be spent in the following ways:
  • Classroom Furniture  (whiteboards, chalkboards, stationary)
  • Basic Lab Equipment (microscopes, burners)
  • Basic Garden Equipment (containers, starter soil, tools)
  • Waterproofing (sealant, trays, mesh for traps)
  • Study Guides & Books

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