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I am fundraising to spread Cancer Awareness through Lets Talk with Vinay
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Need Rs.15,00,000
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Let’s Talk with Vinay is an English talk show that brings some of the best achievers from different fields and walks of life to unfold their inspiring stories. The show aims to inspire the youth and sending a strong message on 'need of the hour' social issues. I have covered production costs, and now I need funds for marketing and spreading awareness about cancer. After listening to diverse, inspiring and heart warming stories of my guests, my perspective to life has completely changed. I am hoping it does for the viewers too.

If people watching the episodes incorporate something from it into their life, the objective is met. Also, it would be an achievement if even one life is saved with early detection of cancer through the show's message.

On the show with Raghu Dixit

Why am I fundraising?

Biocon and HCG Foundation have sponsored the show which has covered the production costs. TV channels are asking for Rs 50-20 lakhs. Not having that much cash, I air it on a YouTube channel called Let's Talk with Vinay.

I need funds to raise money for digital marketing of this channel and to possibly air my show on a TV channel. 

Though God has been kind in giving me a job and taking care of me always, last year was devastating. My mother was in ICU for 54 days before succumbing, my father underwent leg amputation and I lost my grandmother too. Though I have no regrets for spending money on my loved ones (in fact I am blessed that I got a chance to do whatever I could to save them), not having medical insurance made the situation bad.

I was lucky and I could arrange money through loans but I wonder how people who live on daily income and hand-to-mouth income will manage if, god forbid, they are diagnosed with cancer. It’s a scary thought and my heart aches when I think about that. I sat outside ICU for 54 days hoping my mother will come back. In that time, I saw many people come and go and so many of them sit outside and cry because their loved one had Cancer.

I have seen cancer patients from different walks of life, from 2-70 years, rich and poor. The experience moved me completely. This last year was one of the toughest phases of my life. I want to reach out and help others who are going through similar difficult periods in their lives through spreading awareness on cancer.

About the show: 

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The first season is focused on Bangalore. 'Who’s who' of Bangalore speak about their life journeys, struggles, aspirations and inspire millions of Indians across the world. In the first Bangalore Edition, guests speak about cancer to spread awareness on the same.

The trailer and first two episodes can be seen here:


Episode 1:

Episode 2:

What do I plan to do with the funds?

The money I raise, will be used to spread cancer awareness by taking the show to a larger audience, so that the message of the show can reach more and more people. If I do raise 15 lakhs, I can still approach a TV channel to air it for a wider reach, along with extensive digital marketing.

I also intend to give away a portion of the money to needy cancer patients directly in a cancer hospital in Bangalore.

About me:

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I am a marketing person by profession and designer by passion. Originally from Bangalore, Loss of a loved one to cancer made me want to spread more awareness. The idea developed into this ambitious talk show called 'Let's Talk with Vinay'. The show will have city based editions to showcase the best of the personalities from that city to the world.

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