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Help kids find a safe haven after school
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Often, our children's cry for help is misconstrued as an attention-seeking tactic or actions that are distracting to other children. The parents complain of their children not studying or playing at home. Often, they take off from home for the entire evening, making the parents wring their hands in worry.

Then there is the litany of complaints from the other set of adults who spend the most time with them: teachers. Whether it is unfinished homework, not paying attention in class or overzealous questioning of the teacher's methods, educating a child can be a difficult job.
But we try our best every day. We teach 93 children currently. We do our jobs amidst many challenges that come with the territory of teaching kids who come from poor backgrounds. It has been no easy feat, but above the parents' voices and teachers' opinions ring loud and clear the child's wish to learn.

The atmosphere at home for many of our children is far from conducive to learning. Their parents, who do hard labour to provide for their children, work sometimes for 20 hours a day. They hardly have the time or energy to listen to their children talk about school or help them with their homework.

This difficulty in garnering their parents' attention creates a chasm in a student's enthusiasm to learn, which, if not paid attention to, would lead to them spending time away from home and safety. This is precisely why we wish to step in and keep our kids occupied in the hours not spent at school.

We want to engage our kids in productive activities that they will learn from and also have fun with.  Our students’ committee of problem solvers has pledged to find the means to setting up a space dedicated to this cause. 

They say it takes an entire village to raise a child. Similarly, without the community's support, we will not be able to accomplish what we set out to do. The capital required for an ambitious project like this, as you can imagine, is quite a lot. We want to create a haven for our kids, to play, study and engage with each other, and therefore need the right infrastructure to achieve that.

We’re looking to set up this community centre in Thiruvanmiyur.

With the rise in violence and drug addiction in the community, this centre has become an immediate requirement and our top priority.

If you, or anyone you know, can contribute to the setting up of this community centre, do get in touch with us via email. You would be making a difference in our students' lives and helping them stave off trouble and spend time doing fun and meaningful things in a safe environment instead.

What would your contributions be used for? Please find below, a breakup of the expenses we foresee based on our on-ground research:

First Round of  Funding (Covering expenses of 5 months) -
  • Monthly Rent - 5000x5 = 25,000
  • Rental Advance - 50,000
  • Tables, Chairs, Bookshelves - 15,000 
  • Computer with internet accessibility (LAN/wifi connection) - 11000 + 1000x5 = 16,000
  • Fees (minimal) for trainers in arts/crafts/academics - 1500x5 = 7,500
  • Electricity - 1000x5 = 5000
Total expense end of 5 months = Rs. 1,18,500

Second Round of Funding (Covering expenses of 5 months) -
  • Monthly Rent - 5000x5 = 25,000
  • Fees (minimal) for trainers in arts/crafts/academics - 1500x5 = 7,500
  • Electricity - 1000x5 = 5000
  • Internet connection - 1000x5 = 5000
Total Expense end of 5 months = Rs. 42,500

 Third and Last Round Funding - 
To keep the centre up and running, we're planning on starting a trust fund that will contribute towards its running expenses. This fund will be raised over a period of 18 months.

Community Trust - Rs. 4,40,000

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