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Village Development With The Use of Bull Power
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Note for the Model Rural Development
 Kuchinhalli Vilage, Neralkuppe Gram Panchayat, Hunsur Tq, Mysore Dist

 Introduction: Karnataka is 6th largest State in India with an area of 1,91791 SQ. KMS.  It has 30 Districts, 190+Taluks, 5663 Grams Panchayaths & 27481 in habited Villages. Population of the State is 62 Million.
  • 69% population of Karnataka live in villages
  • 80% of app. 1,04,034 KMS of Rural roads is non asphalted. 
  • Electricity poles are seen but energy only for few hours a day
  • Hygienic Village Drinking water system not effective.
  • Major source of Cooking & heating fuel is Jungle wood
  • Cost of agriculture particularly fertilizer, pesticide, pest repellant is making it non remunerative
  •  Source of employment apart from Agriculture is serving or daily wage in nearby cities
  • Live stock like Cow progeny, Buffalo are called unproductive.
  • Huge subsidy on milk is a billion’s rupees burden on State exchequer
  • Live stock instead of increasing – drastically decreasing. 19th Livestock census 2012 is eye opener.                                        Our losses  
  • Adulterated Chemical milk playing with the health of New generation and Nation.
  • Increased Cost of Agriculture resulting into Farmer’s suicide
  • Excessive use of Synthetic Fertilizer, Pesticides, Pest Repellants have made our Crops poisonous.
  • Excessive Use of Tractors, Tube wells etc have thrown out use of Bull power.
  • Precious foreign Exchange is spent of import of Petroleum   
  • Loss to our Ecology and environment
  • Loss to our employment
  • Migration of Rural citizen to Cities creating heavy burden on Civic system
  • Major quantity of Dung & Urine and total quantity of slaughter waste is chocking sanitation and raising Tank & River base like River Ganga and Tax payer money is spent on reclamation.
  • Grazing lands are under liberal encroachment in spite of Honorable Supreme Court’s Directions
  • The source of huge Carbon Credit, Prime Mover, Transportation, Energy, Drinking water, Fertilizer, Agriculture, employment, Women empowerment, Health & Rural development is madly slaughtered or sent illegally in violation of the spirit of the Constitution of India and existing Acts, Rules and tradition of Karnataka State.
 These all above problems can be entertained by the available BULL POWER, USE OF COW DUNG,COW URINE and VISION of Great Scholar and Ex President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (PURA) Provide urban Amenities in rural Area can be made true.
 A village with 100 families or say 500 persons & 200 Hectare cultivated land requires following
Drinking water 100 LTR/ day per person = 50 KL
2. Light 2 connections each house or say 0.2KW X 100 =20 KW/ hour unit X 3hr = 60 units
3. Cooking Gas 200 GMs X 100 = 20Kgs / day
4. Milk 200 ml X 500 =100 Ltr / day
5. Phenyl 5lt X 100 X 12 KL Ltr / year
6. Soap 500X2X12 =12,000 PCs
7. Fertilizer 200 Hectare X 5 MT =- 1,000 MT
8. Pest Repellant
9. Agro produce Transportation 200 Hec. X 10 MT = 2,000 MT
10. Human local Transportation
11. Cultivation ,
12. Irrigation
13. Fodder Cutting
14. Flour & Spice Mills, other Cottage Industries needing Prime Movers
A village, if having 4-500 Cow & Buffalo,  can fulfill all above requirements . How?
Cow dung generation 3.5 MT per animal / year = 1500 MT or say 4000 Kgs /day and in turn can provide 300 KW/ hour units of energy /day
10 Bull pair working 8 hours / day can generate 40KW Electricity sufficient for Village electrification
1,400 MT of Wormy Compost
20 % Milking animals =100X 5Ltrs =500Ltr /day
Prime Mover & cultivator
  If properly utilized, there will not be a single house unemployed in the Model village apart from connected     with Electricity, Cooking Gas, Fertilizer and also production of different products for self con consumption and marketing
The available State Live Stock is capable of :
Clear message to all about our concern about Cow & its progeny in turn bringing animal lovers, breeders, farmers to party fold .
Complete Village Development & providing Urban amenities to all villages
Improved Health & Hygiene of our citizen
Rural employment to  millions of  unemployed youth and Women
Revenue Generation
Saving on Electricity consumption resulting into saving of precious State funds
Saving of Petroleum consumption in turn saving environment & also precious foreign Exch .
Getting marketable Carbon Credit worth more than expenditure
Exploitation of Cow dung, Cow Urine & Bull power is available source of Women empowerment, Rural Development , Micro & Small Scale Industrialization. Health of the State
Saving precious lives of speechless animals .
Karnataka State Goseva Ayog was constituted in 2013 by the Government of Karnataka with these aims and objectives. After discussion with local elected members, officials and survey it was decided to demonstrate by creating a MODEL VILLAGE based on Bull Power.
Village Kuchvinhally in Neralkuppe Gram Panchayat of Hunsur Taluq in Mysore District is suggested which is very far from State and District Headquarter. It is situated very near to the boundaries of famous Nagarhole forest.
Population app.1000 Houses 125-150,
Agriculture in app 150 Hectare (400 Acre) land
Livestock app 500,
Milk generation app 100 Ltr Milk, I
Irrigation by around 20-30 submersible Bore well,
water level app 250 feet.
Electricity connected but supply is very poor.
Cooking fuel source is mainly Firewood .
Villagers were very keen as most of them are BPL.
 Estimated Cost. RS.10 million
Requirements:  1st phase –
                         to provide Electricity, Water and Cooking Fuel to 120 Houses
2 Bio Gas plant with 120 Cubic Meter Cap.                 RS.5.00 Lakh each  RS.10.00
5 Bull Driven Electricity Generation units,                    RS.2.00 Lakh each  RS.10.00
Overhead Water Storage Tank,                                   As per KRIDL Estimate
Water supply Pipe Lines,
Gas Supply Pipe Line,
Electric supply system
To look after and maintain the system Committee of village residents mainly women power.
 Requirement :-  2nd Phase
Wormy compost production unit for 5,000 MT/  compost production
 apart from proper training programs
 Bull driven tractors for Cultivation
 Bull driven bore well for irrigation
 Dairy and Milk based production unit
 Cow Dung & Cow Urine based consumer item production units.
Dr.SK Mittal B.Com Hons LLM, Ph D

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