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His Heart Is On The Wrong Side, And It Is Killing Him

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“I always thought my son’s fatigue and weakness was because he was thin. For 21 years, I never knew that he had a medical issue. I can’t lose him now. I feel like I’m failing him. I need to make sure he gets treated, that he survives and has a good life.”

21-year-old Kavinilavan complained of a bloated stomach and was diagnosed with Dextrocardia and several other complicated symptoms all causing heart failure. He now needs surgery to stay alive.

We always talk about how lean he is. When his stomach was suddenly looking bloated, we went to the doctor. There was fluid retention and after investigation, we found out that his heart was tilted towards the right side instead of the left. He has had this since birth and we never knew. Because of this, the membrane around his heart has inflamed causing scarring, his valve is leaking causing enlargement, and because his heart is working overtime, it is causing failure.

“Kavinilavan has been diagnosed with Constrictive Pericarditis, Dextrocardia, Severe Mitral Regurgitation & small VSD with Pericardial Effusion and Cardiac Cirrhosis with moderate to severe ascites.”

My son is dying slowly. We are thanking our graces for catching it before it is too late. Now, the problem is that Kavinilavan needs a surgery to fix this, and save him, but we cannot afford it.

We are from a small place in Dindigul. Muthulakshmi (wife), Varunavi (daughter) Kavi and I live in a rented house. I work in the mill and earn about Rs. 10,000 per month. I am proud to have made my son study IT, and daughter graduate with what I have. I did not want Kavi to go to work yet because I believed it would affect his health. Being so thin and frail, I was afraid he would fall sick or get exhausted if he worked in manual labor. Yes, that’s the reason I made him study IT so he can get a good job and sit in an office. I hope he gets a good job and a chance to work well after he recovers.

“What this family is most worried about is the estimated cost for the surgery that can save Kavinilavan. Although the initial quote was Rs. 6 Lakhs, due to their financial situation, the hospital has reduced the cost to Rs. 3.5 Lakhs. The family now needs help to come up with funds to save their son.”

Your contribution can save this young man from succumbing to this condition, and give him the chance to live a full life.

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