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Help Me Educate People And Break The Myth On Organic Farming
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    Vevek Gahatraj
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Vevek Gahatraj

    from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


I Was Misled

Big Corporations have made Organic Food a Business.
Lakhs of Peoples just like me are mislead and manipulated 
just to believe that packaged food are SAFE in the name of 
ORGANIC so that Big Corporations can make more money.

Have you ever felt the same ?

What most people don’t know about Healthy Organic Food  is…

“ How to Identify the REAL Organic food from the FAKE ones

outside of these seals or certificates ???"

1 ) The word “ORGANIC”  Technically means- Any Chemical or
Substance containing CARBON (Black).

Even in fact my argument is-Soil from sewage (Gutters) are also rich in carbon (Black) and full of nutrients :P will you ever consider growing YOUR EDIBLE vegetables / Food on Gutter soil in the Name Organic manure?

Why because even if its Organic but its full of harmful poisons, Heavy metals like mercury, lead etc.

This means Saying Organic is not THE ONLY Parameter to-the Food safety but Educating and Growing it Responsibly does matters a lot…!!!

2) Ironically those Big Corporations also QUOTE its FREE from Chemicals…

But what about H2O ( Water ?) its also chemical.

-Similarly Chemical Free is also NOT the only Parameter to safety of our Food.

It upset some people and I'd like to know your stance.

We have leaked this information in between the Health
Conscious community who are into this Organically Grown farming  they wrote me and said it was brilliant.

Like me, lakhs of Indian people are mislead and manipulated so that Big Corporations can make more Money in the name of ORGANIC.

So, The QUESTION is…

-How to easily IDENTIFY and differentiate between real
"Organically Grown Healthy food" from the rest ?

-Where and How YOU can DIRECTLY source "Organically Grown Healthy food” from FARMERS... in your STATE or Nearby your area at AFFORDABLE Price?

-How to Connect Next Generation Children back to their Roots- "The Village Connection” ?

And the Solution is...

You have the POWER to change all of that. Through your kindness today,we can Build and Upgrade the Infrastructure of this Organically Grown FARM within 60 Days based in Varanasi, INDIA ( GPS Coordinates are given with the help of a MAP Click this link to know more )

Here we will Train farmers and Educate people for FREE through our upcoming Youtube channel.

“With your gift, you are helping People to Connect Back to their roots…”

Protect our Farmers, Mother Earth, Nature and Organically Grow Healthy Foods.

Together, we are creating a safer world for our future generations.

ALSO…To overcome





-Traffic of City life.

Give a Digital Detox to your Family by visiting our Natural FARM based in Varanasi, INDIA.

( GPS Coordinates are given with the help of a MAP Click here to know more )

You help us keep this HOPE Alive by connecting children Back to their roots…

Each Donation you send to us is critically important.

I Think you will understand...Nature has given many things to us free of cost till date. Now it's our turn to payback just a small contribution to replenishment the same originality
of nature & by that we will also give gift to our next generations…

ESPECIALLY if you're not getting the Satisfaction from your current situation,Food quality, Lazy Lifestyle and you want something more Interesting ,Healthy, Challenging, Inspiring and FRESH...

So, STOP serving poisoning in your Children's Plate in the name of Organic !!!

How your Money is used when you donate to us.

It will Help us Build the First of its kind Agrotourism themed Amusement park focused on Organically Grown Safer Food with Multiple Benefits. Since villages themselves are under the threat of urbanization and as a result many villages risk losing their rural identity. Rural tourism is something that can reverse this trend of
urbanization as it brings in much needed development and wealth to the villages without altering their rural character.

This Hi-Tech Kheti Baadi Farm PROJECT will help…

-STOP Migration of Villagers towards the city.
-Generate Employment Opportunity
-Improving the Living standard of Villagers
-Motivate more farmers to join hands and Produce more Organically Grown Healthy food.

Pregnant women and kids: Pay attention!

Studies show that fetuses and young children might be harmed by exposure to even low levels of pesticides.Your gift will save many lives.

Please make your donation today and be the hero Mother Earth needs.


  • People Donating below Rs.2,500 and Commenting in the comment section below...             
"Why do you FEEL it's important for you to Donate and WHY Others Should DONATE it too and be a Part of this PROJECT? " The BEST answer will get a FREE Dinner ticket with your DATE worth Rs.3000 at your choice of Place.

  • For those of you who are donating minimum of Rs.2,500 we have "Two FREE Passes" with a Life time validity for our Guided Farm Tour worth Rs.500x 2 that you can utilise only once at any point of your life.

  • And for those of you who are donating Above Rs.10,000 we have a SPECIAL "Appreciation GIFT” only for you Hint- ( Its PRICELESS…) apart from this "Two FREE Passes" with a Life time validity.


Donate and Become REAL Organic Farmer Online NOW.
Please make your donation today and be the hero Mother Earth needs.

Only genuine people interested can Donate/contact please.

  • Contact Person- Vevek Gahatraj
  • Call at - 7376361664
  • Whats App- 9711116250
  • Fb-

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